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City of Love: Paris - Gameplay FAQ

How can I progress in the game?
You can tap anywhere on the screen to scroll the texts and make the story progress. At some point, you face different choices and you can select one using energy.

How can I make a choice?
You don't have a limited time to make your choice, so don't worry! You just have to touch and hold on the choice you want to make.

How can I observe and visit the scenery?
You can tap and drag to scroll the background when you're alone. You can then see all the details of Paris!

How can I access the Menu?
Tap the icon on the upper right of your screen. By touching it, you pause the game and access the different sections of the menu.

What are the Souvenirs?
The Souvenirs are exclusives artworks representing a memorable moment with a specific character. You can unlock them with specific choices when you have a good relationship with a character. They represent the most precious moment you'll have with this character. Don't miss them and complete your Souvenirs' Collection to unlock bonuses and free energy.

How do I unlock them?
You can unlock Souvenirs  by playing the different Episodes' paths. If you have a relationship good enough  with a character (which can depend on your previous choices), then you'll meet a decisive choice that allows you to unlock the Souvenir. 

What happens when I have all the Souvenirs?
You can complete a collection of Souvenirs for each Episode. When you complete one, you win energy bonus!

Are there different scenario's in-game?
There are different branches and side stories in City of Love: Paris that you can play. They depend on your own choices but also on the relationship you have with the characters. However, the main story is the same for all the players, but your choices will impact your relationships and the story itself!

Can I replay an episode?
You can play several time the whole story, but not a single episode. Replay allows you to make different choices, discover new stories and unlock new Souvenirs.

What can I do if I've made a bad choice?
There's no bad choices in City of Love: Paris! Each one leads to a different story but you can never encounter a bad choice or a game over. You can't cancel your latest choice, but you can replay the game on another save slot if you want to change your story.

I didn't unlock the Souvenirs in the episode I'm playing. What can I do?
You can unlock Souvenirs by making different choices. Try again, it may depend on your answers! Also, it depends on the relationship you have with a specific character: try to improve this relationship to unlock the Souvenir with him/her.

What are the Collection items?
In City of Love: Paris, you can complete a collection of Souvenirs for each episode. Don't miss them! They give you an Energy bonus when you complete them, but they also make you live a different story with each character!

Can I cancel my latest choice?
You can't cancel your latest choice, but you can replay the game on a different save to try a different choice and story.

Are there different type of choices?
Some choices have stronger consequences than others. Some also depend on the relationship you have with other characters. You'll be able to recognize them very quickly!

Why is my screen changing when I met some choices?
The character you're speaking with is zoomed and you hear your heartbeat. It shows that an important choice is coming and it will make the main story progress.

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