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New Game+ in Far Cry 5

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Once you have completed the main story having chosen the Resist ending on any difficulty, you will be able to start over with New Game+. Unlike starting a normal new playthrough, New Game+ allows you to keep previously gathered experience and weapons. This FAQ aims to explain the most important details of the feature.

To begin your adventure in New Game+, head over to the main menu. A New Game+ option should now be available to you. Starting a new game, either a normal session or New Game+, will overwrite your previous progress. 

When you start a New Game+, a new difficulty will become available: Infamous. You can choose the difficulty for your new playthrough but be aware that you will not be able to change it during a New Game+.

In Infamous mode, all enemies have more health, hit harder and are faster but also take more damage. Make sure you are ready for the challenge!

All character progression will carry over to New Game+, including the following:

- Gear
- Money
- Outfits
- Prestige items
- Unspent Perk Points
- Vehicles
- Weapons
- Arcade progress
- Challenge progress

Some elements, however, will automatically reset when starting a New Game+ save. The following will not carry over:

- Missions completion
- Quest items
- Resistance meters progress

There will also be new and exciting features available in New Game+. You can look forward to the following:

- New achievement
- New Rook Outfit on completion of New Game+ on Infamous difficulty
- New Ubisoft Connect Badge earned on completion of New Game+
- Upgradable Perks

With New Game+, you can continue incrementally upgrading your Ammo bags and Guns For Hire Perks, allowing you to store more ammunition, and ensure your companions are healthier and return to the fight sooner. 
You can restart New Game+ as many times as you want, as long as you have finished the campaign in your previous playthrough.

The incremented Perks and Rook Outfit will carry over to the next New Game+ to help you dive back into the fray.

It is worth noting that each playthrough will require you to complete Dutch's Island and that no matter where you hide, the Seed family will find a way to capture you.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch

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