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Rayman Adventures - Apple TV Gameplay Questions

What kind of game is Rayman Adventures?

In this game, you’ll embark on amazing adventures through legendary worlds on a quest to rescue quirky creatures called the Incrediballs!

The enchanted forest is in trouble: the ancient eggs that sustain the sacred tree have been stolen and scattered across the world.

From haunted medieval castles to the mythical worlds of Olympus, Rayman, our fearless adventurer, and Barbara, his Viking companion, set out in search of the creatures’ eggs to breathe new life into the Sacred Tree!

Can I play Rayman Adventures for free?

Yes! Rayman Adventures is free to download and play. If you would like to progress more quickly through the game or dress up your character, there are optional in-app purchases that can be made.

How do I move/control my character?

The character moves forward all by itself, but you can control the following actions via the Apple TV remote:

  • Tap the remote’s touch surface to jump.

  • Tap when you hit a wall to jump off it.

  • Tap and hold to glide while jumping.

  • Tap the remote to jump and swipe forward or backward to attack while in the air.

  • Swipe forward to attack (can also be used mid-air).

  • Swipe back to turn around/change direction.

  • Swipe down for a crush attack (can also be used mid-air).

  • Click on an icon or button to select it.

  • Click “Menu” to go back, leave a screen or exit a pop-up.

 You can also play Rayman Adventures with an Apple TV-supported game pad/controller. Please refer to the in-game controls map for more information (located in the “Options” menu, “Pad Controls” button).

What can I do in the tree and with the creatures?

You can do lots of things in the tree! The tree is the place where you can interact with your creatures and check your progress in the game.
Collecting creatures makes your tree grow and allows you to earn rewards, such as new levels, new families of creatures, etc. The further you progress in the game, the higher your tree grows!
Swipe up or down to visit your tree from top to bottom!
The tree is the creatures’ home and they’re waiting for you to take care of them…
In the tree, you can:

  • Visit the families you’ve collected and see which creatures you’re missing.

  • Learn more about each of the families.

  • Turn on the Beatbox mode and make music with your creatures! Just click on the button with the musical note and then tap the creatures to start making music. Each creature has its distinct sound and you can record an unlimited number at a time!

  • Feed your creatures to wake them up.

  • Play with your creatures: move them around, smash them into each other, tickle them…

  • Change costumes by tapping your character at the top of the tree.

  • Visit the Sacred Forest by clicking the flower on the top of your tree in order to see how high your tree soars compared to others’, visit your friends’ trees and listen to their Incrediball music.

  • Open your mailbox and read news from the Captain, or exchange gifts with your friends.


What is the mailbox for? How can I interact with my friends?

You can access the mailbox by clicking on the letter floating at the top of your tree or by clicking on the envelope in your Profile. You’ll find messages from the Captain there, and can exchange gifts with your friends.
You can send gifts to all of your friends at the same time, once per day. You’ll also be able to receive up to 10 gifts from friends per day. Make sure you collect the gifts people send you since they will only stay in your mailbox for 7 days.

How do I use the creatures in a level? How can they help me?

Each creature possesses one of three different powers that you can use to help you when playing through levels.
The three types of creature powers are:

  • Protectors: Each equipped creature protects the character from a hit and then gives him a short period of invincibility.

  • Seekers: Each equipped creature guides the character to 3 different secrets in a level.

  • Inhalers: These creatures create an aura around the character to attract all the Lums, Skullcoins and Lum cages within its perimeter. The more creatures are equipped, the greater is the aura’s perimeter.

Each creature family will give you one of these powers.
You can equip the creatures you’ve collected at the start of each level. To do this, choose which type of power you’d like to use and then touch the creature with the corresponding power. You can use up to three creatures at a time: they can all have the same power or different powers – it’s up to you to decide!
To unequip and put back a creature you have chosen, just touch it and it’ll return to its proper root.
Using creatures in a level will give you a bonus at the end. All unused but equipped creatures will give you an even bigger bonus!
In order to be able to re-use a spent creature, you need to feed it. This can be done in the tree and at the start of each level: drag the food to the sleeping creature and it will wake up and start chomping away!

How do I get from one adventure to the next?

Each adventure is located on a different map and each one has a certain number of levels and an egg to free.
The majority of levels open up one or several paths to the next one(s), and so on and so forth. You can quickly check your performance on a particular level by looking at the icon on the map (the number of dots colored in represents the number of rewards earned).
You need to get through the levels in order to arrive at the egg and free it. Freeing the egg gives you a brand-new creature (or a duplicate…) and also allows you to continue on to the next adventure.

What are the eggs for? What’s their role in the game?

The eggs are the end-goal of each adventure: they give you a creature (whether new or duplicate) and open up new adventures for you.
Once you get to the end of an adventure and the egg is freed, you can move it over to the incubator (if it’s not already occupied by another egg). Placing the egg in the incubator starts the incubation process and unlocks a new adventure.

How do I use the egg incubator and hatch an egg?

Once an egg is placed inside the incubator, the cover shuts and the egg starts incubating. The incubation time will vary depending on the number of creatures you have and the egg’s level of rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare or Royal). If there’s already an egg in the incubator, you will not be able to place another one in there until it’s been hatched and you will thus be unable to move on to the next adventure.
Luckily, there are certain elixirs that allow you to speed up the incubation and hatching process in order to get a new creature more quickly and free up the incubator for another egg!
When the incubation period is over, you can break open the egg by tapping on its shell repeatedly. You’ll either find a brand-new creature to add to your collection and make your tree grow, or you’ll get a duplicate of one of the creatures already in your collection. Each duplicate increases your number of “duplicate” points that you can trade in for rewards.

How do I progress to the next adventure?

As soon as the egg is placed in the incubator, a Viking ship will appear in the spot where the cage was. Touching the boat will allow you to choose your next destination from among the regions you have unlocked.
Each adventure contains its own levels and egg. You can use the Captain’s telescope to find out the rarity of the egg waiting for you at the end of the adventure. You can use it to make completing your creature families even easier!

What are the different kinds of levels I can play?

At the beginning of each level, choose the creature(s) that are going to come with you as you play through the level. Each power is useful for different types of levels, so be sure to check the level’s objective before choosing.
The 4 types of levels are:

  • Lums: Catch all the Lums!

  • Exploration: Find all the hidden Teensies!

  • Brawler: Fight your way to the finish!

  • Time Trial: Race the clock and save the Teensies!

You need to reach the ship captain at the end of the level in order to complete it. Some levels ask you to get to a flag as quickly as possible. In these types of levels, only your time has an effect on your score, so try to get to the end as fast as you can!

How are level scores determined?

Your level score is based on your performance and, for untimed levels, increases depending on the number of Lums collected, Teensies freed, or enemies defeated. The number of creatures that you bring with you and whether or not their power has been used when arriving at the end of the level can also increase your score.
After you complete a level, the score recap will appear. This is where you can see what rewards you’ve won, and you can also compare your performance with your friends to see who’s the best!

What are gems? What are they used for and how do I get more?

Gems are the currency in Rayman Adventures. They are key to buy anything from the shop (costumes, elixirs, lucky tickets…) and also to hatch eggs faster or find rare creatures easier.

What kind of in-app purchases are there?

The Store is where you can buy different items with your gems, such as:

  • Elixirs: These allow you to modify an egg’s rarity or speed up an egg’s incubation time. Use them to complete your collection even faster!

  • Lucky Tickets: Like surprises? Well, Lucky Tickets are chock full of them! Scratch them to find out what your reward is. Besides the regular Lucky Tickets, there are gold ones that give you even more amazing prizes!

  • Costumes: There are lots of costumes for you to choose from for each of the playable characters. Find the one you like best and play your favorite character!

  • Gems: These can be purchased in a separate Gem Store and are essential for being able to make game item purchases in the Store.


How do I get to the game options and settings?

You can get to the Options menu by clicking on the gear icon displayed on each adventure map. There, you’ll be able to adjust the game’s settings to your liking.

How do I get to the player profile section?

Visit your player profile by clicking on the character icon that appears at the bottom of each adventure. There, you’ll be able to:

  • See your progress in the game.

  • See your Achievements progress and collect your rewards.

  • Access your Mailbox

  • Check to see how many Lucky Tickets you have and scratch them by touching the icon.

  • Change your costume.

  • Invite your friends to play the game.


How can I share my experience playing Rayman Adventures?

Each time you earn a new Incrediball or complete a level, you have the option of sharing your performance or the new addition to your collection with your friends by taking a screenshot. To take a screenshot, simply touch the camera icon and click on the Facebook icon to share.

What about saving my game progress?

The game automatically saves your progress when playing on Apple TV.
You can create up to 3 save files and play on more than one device by entering your save code in the second device. To transfer your save file to the second device (for example, an iPhone): from the Save folder, click on the Export icon which will generate a code. On the other device, enter this code by clicking the “Import” icon of an empty save slot, and there you go!

How can I contact Support and get help for my issue?

If you encounter issues with the game and you don’t see your issue displayed in the FAQ, please use the in-game Customer Support system. From the Options menu (accessible via the gear icon on each adventure map), click on the Customer Support button, then click on Assistance.
This will take you to the Help section where you will find the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), a short link and QR code that you can scan to take you to the Rayman Adventures Technical Issues Forums, as well as a short link and QR code for the Customer Care section where you’ll be able to contact us if you need further assistance.
Also, please feel free to visit the Rayman Adventures forums, the Rayman Facebook page (/Rayman) or Twitter (@RaymanGame), to discuss the game and talk about everything Rayman!

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