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How can I unlock new Soldiers?
You can unlock new Soldiers by collecting INTEL tokens. Depending on the Soldier's rarity, a specific amount of tokens will be required to unlock its base version. Collecting more tokens after the initial unlock will allow you to increase the Rank and Score of your Soldier.

How can I improve my Soldiers/Squad?
There are different ways to upgrade your squad. You can train your soldiers, rank them up, unlock new ones, craft better gear and craft new weapons.

How does the energy refresh system work?
There are two types of Energies in the game. 'Yellow' energy is required to play Campaign missions while 'Red' energy is required to play Arena matches. They both have a different refresh rate.

The maximum capacity of energy increases as you level up which allows you to play more missions and matches in one sitting."

How does the Event energy refresh system work?
Each Event has a specific energy system with a refresh rate that varies depending on the Event.

Can I speed up the battle gameplay?
The battle system doesn't allow you to accelerate the combat but you can still use auto-win tickets if you wish to farm missions without playing them.

Please note that auto-win tickets can only be used on missions in which you collected all medals.

How do medals work?
You can earn up to three medals on each mission. One can be gained by clearing the mission, the other by keeping your entire squad alive and the last one by completing it within the time limit.

Obtaining 3 medals on a mission will allow to use auto-win tickets on it.

How do orders work?
Orders are special skills that can be used multiple times during battles. When timed and used correctly, they allow you to gain a significant edge on your enemy. You can upgrade them with Order Currency.

Can I play against my friends?
You cannot play against specific friends (or foes) at the moment. If you would like to see this feature in the game, feel free to send us your feedback on our Official Social Networks Pages or on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/b26Pa6b

When will a specific event release/return?
Some things are best kept secret. We invite you to check our Official Social Networks Pages or Discord for more information about future and returning events.

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