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Shield Rewards for The Division 1 and The Division 2


How can I unlock Shield rewards for The Division 1 and The Division 2?


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What is the Shields program?

Shields are a group of twelve unique collectibles that reward both long term and new players for completing challenges throughout the game. Earning a Shield will reward the player with a Shield Cache that contains a selection of valuable items and currency bundles. In addition, earning multiple Shields unlocks exclusive rewards for use in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Initially, four Shields will be available for players to earn. Subsequently, an additional Shield will become available every month.
How can I check if a Shield is unlocked?

To check what Shield challenge is available, head to the Dossier tab in your in-game menu.
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There are four tiers to unlock. At the launch of the Update 1.8.2, you'll have the opportunity to unlock the first two tiers from the available Shields. 
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Here are the available shields so far: 
Shepherd – Unlock the Base of Operations. (retroactive)
Hazard – Clear 25 landmarks in the Dark Zone. (non-retroactive)
Deadeye – Complete all weekly HVT’s within a week. (non-retroactive)
Avenger – Take out 10 named bosses in Manhattan, 10 in the Dark Zone and 10 in the West Side Piers area. (non-retroactive)
Sacred - Complete 10 Phases, get to level 10 and kill 10 hunters in the Underground. (non-retroactive)
Phoenix - Extract 5 items, survive for 5 hours, and kill 5 Hunters in Survival
Talon - Attain a Commendation score of 3,000
Rebel - Get to wave 15 in Resistance
Fang - Complete every available mission on Legendary difficulty
Prime - Collect three full Classified gear sets
Marshal - Acquire all Exotic armor and weapons. For more information about the list of needed items, please have a look at this article
Chieftain – Achieve the highest possible gear score (290)

What can I get? 

By completing the Shields challenges, you'll be able to get the following rewards:
- One Audio Log
- One Patch with the relevant Shield Icon
- One Shield Cache
- One Exotic Weapon
- Two Classified Gear Set pieces
- 2,000 Phoenix Credits
- 500 D-Tech
- Three Cypher Keys

For more details about the Shields, please check out this official article

For further information regarding the Update 1.8.2, have a look at our official Patch Notes.

If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team

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