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South Park Phone Destroyer - PvP

The most important thing to remember when playing against live opponents is that they are probably taking a dump right now. You're basically hanging out with a stranger while he (or she) is wrecking a toilet somewhere in the world. To play a PvP match, simply tap the "BATTLE" button in the main screen or enter a battle at Butters' House.

How do I win in PvP?
You kick the other New Kid's ass. You can do that by:**Completely draining the health of the Enemy New Kid.*Having more full health sections than Enemy New Kid.*If both players have an equal number of full health sections by the end of the match, it goes into overtime, which lasts for one minute.*In overtime, the first player to drain the opponent's New Kid's health section will win. If no one manages to do that in one minute, the game will end in a draw.**Winning a PvP match gets you a shot at the PvP loot screen. You can open three lockers just like in Single Player Mode, even though the rewards in them will be slightly different.

Each win in PvP earns you one PvP star. Complete all the PVP stars in your current Rank to advance to the next. Higher Ranks unlock some cooler cards and have better loot rewards. At first you can never lose a star, but at higher ranks if you lose a match, you lose a star!

The Legends Leaderboard
When you complete all the PvP stars in the highest Rank, you are moved into The Legends Leaderboard. Here you directly compete against top players in the world! Your PvP Rank Shield will show your absolute position among other players. Beat them all and become #1!

How does matchmaking work?
The game will always try to match you with an opponent of the same rank as you. If it can't do so within a reasonable time, it will try to find someone one rank higher or lower than you. The system is built so that most of the time, you play against people that are close to you in terms of game progress, level and skill, although occasionally you can meet weaker or stronger opponents.

What are those PvP packs?
The game will give you free packs of cards for your victories in PvP. Each pack requires a specific number of PvP wins to be claimed. Packs with more or better content require more wins. Don't worry if you lose a match and lose a PvP Rank star, you don't lose any progress towards your next PVP pack.

​Why do I have to wait for the next PvP pack?
Because there are many other great things to do. Go for a walk. Talk to your friends. Watch a South Park episode. Or play some of the single-player content of "Phone Destroyer".

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