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Basic Gameplay in Might & Magic: Chess Royale

There is lots to know about Might & Magic: Chess Royale.

What kind of game is Might & Magic: Chess Royale?

Might & Magic: Chess Royale is an Auto Battler game set in the Might & Magic universe.

100 players compete in a series of 1 Versus 1 Battle Rounds that are each divided into 3 time-limited phases:
•  Phase 1: Preparation, in which you can recruit units and set them on a board.
•  Phase 2: Battle, in which both your units and your opponents will automatically fight until one team is eliminated.
•  Phase 3: Strategy, in which you can view strategic details about other players until the next round begins.
A game ends when you are eliminated or when you are the only one still alive.

What are the winning conditions in Might & Magic: Chess Royale?

The Battle Royale aspect of the game means you must be the last one standing:

•  Every player starts with 3 Heroes. When all 3 are defeated, you're eliminated.
•  A Hero is only defeated when you lose a Round by having all your Units eliminated by your opponent.
•  Your final Season Rank determines how many Trophies you earn/lose (depends on how many players were eliminated before you, and your current Season Rank).

What can I do to fight in Might & Magic: Chess Royale?

You will need to assemble the perfect Army, which means you need Gold to recruit Units:

•  The Shop contains a random selection of 5 Units you can recruit.
•  Spend Gold to recruit Units. Units of a higher Rarity will cost more Gold.
•  You can have up to 8 Units waiting on the bench, outside the battlefield. You can't recruit more Units while it's full.

What can I do with gold in Might & Magic: Chess Royale?

Gold is required to perform most actions in Might & Magic: Chess Royale:

•  You can recruit Units in the Shop.
•  You can purchase Spells in the Spell Shop.
•  You can trade it for extra Experience Points.
•  You can reroll the available Units in the Shop.

How do I earn more gold in Might & Magic: Chess Royale?

You always earn Gold every time a Round ends, on top of bonuses:

•  Slayer Bonus: extra Gold if the Round ends with your opponent being eliminated.
•  Survivor Bonus: extra Gold depending on how many players are left.
•  Defeat Bonus: extra Gold when you lose a Round.
•  Spells and Synergies might also earn your various amounts of Gold depending on your luck.
•  Selling Units also gives you Gold back.

How do I place units on the Board in Might & Magic: Chess Royale?

Any Unit you recruit from the Shop will automatically be placed on your Bench, outside the battlefield Board:

•  To place a Unit on the Board, simply drag and drop them from the Bench to the Board.
•  You can only add up to 2 Units on the Board at the start. Every Level you gain (by earning Experience Points) increases this limit by 1.
•  Adding, removing or moving Units on the Board is only possible during the Preparation phase before the fight begins.
•  Once the fighting begins, if the number of Units on the Board exceeds the limit, some will automatically be moved to the Bench. If the Bench is full when this happens, those Units will be sold instead.

How do I level up in Might & Magic: Chess Royale?

You will automatically earn Experience Points (XP) and level up during a game:

•  You level up as soon as you obtain enough XP. Higher levels require more XP.
•  The higher the level, the more Units you can place on the Board simultaneously to fight for you.
•  The higher the level, the more chances you have to see the rarest Units in the Shop.
•  You automatically earn XP every round, but you can also trade Gold for XP as many times as you want.

What control do I have during the fight in Might & Magic: Chess Royale?

Because this is an Auto Battler game, your options are limited during the fight:

•  You cannot interact in any way with how the battle plays out, or rearrange/modify your team. Make the best choices during the Preparation phase!
•  You can still spend Gold to gain Experience Points, recruit Units, reroll the Shop or buy Spells.
•  You can also move Units on your Bench, sell them for Gold, lock the Shop and send emotes.

Are my upgrades permanent in Might & Magic: Chess Royale?

Actions you do during a match are temporary, such as:

•  Merging Units to obtain them in 2 or 3-Stars.
•  Gaining Gold, leveling up with EXP, activating Spells.
•  These will be reset every time a match begins.

With your match rewards, you may unlock permanent upgrades such as:

•  Obtaining new Heroes, leveling them up or unlocking their skills.
•  Obtaining new cosmetic rewards based on your Trophies progress.
•  These will have various effects for your future matches.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

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