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Permanent lock on my Ubisoft account

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve and maintain the security of player accounts, we permanently lock accounts that have been associated with multiple fraudulent activities or transactions.

When your account is permanently locked, you will be unable to log in or access any Ubisoft websites and services.

If you believe this action was taken in error, you can appeal the sanction by submitting a ticket.

Before you submit an appeal, review the following:
• the account holder is responsible for the account’s behaviour.
• repeated or abusive appeals will not help your case.
• appeals sent after a final review may be ignored.
• you have not shared your credentials and/or purchased games or in-game currency from an unauthorized reseller. 

If you have not recently attempted to make any purchases, your account may be locked for a different reason, including too many failed login attempts.

Ubisoft may collect and process your personal data to apply your ban. It is Ubisoft’s legitimate interest to fight fraud by sanctioning players who committed fraud.

Please acknowledge that you may appeal the ban as described above. 

Ubisoft may keep such personal data for as long as necessary to ensure the sanction is applied. In case you have been permanently banned by Ubisoft for fraudulent activity, such personal data will be stored for ten years. Your personal data storage will be submitted to the Ubisoft Privacy Policy

Under applicable law, including data protection laws such as the GDPR, you have rights regarding the collection and processing of your personal data: you may exercise your rights to access, rectify or erase your data, object to or restrict the processing of your data, and receive your information in portable form by making a Data Request.

However, please acknowledge that regarding the specific case of the permanent ban, some restrictions apply under the applicable law. 

Ubisoft will not be able to provide you with your permanent ban-related personal data, as providing this information would help players circumvent our anti-fraud systems.
Please acknowledge that Ubisoft will not be able to delete your permanent-ban related personal data either, as deleting this data or giving access to it could undermine Ubisoft’s ability to detect or take action against bannable behaviors.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

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