Parental Access section for young player accounts

During account creation, the Ubisoft account of the parent or legal guardian is associated with the young player account. This gives the parent or legal guardian access to the Parental Access section of the account.

In this section, parents and legal guardians have access to an overview of the settings applied to all young player accounts associated with their account. They can also view the email reports they have received to have visibility on their child's gaming activity. These have been set with the safety of the young person in mind.

The safety settings are:

Restricted chat to friends only
Young player accounts can only use the Ubisoft Connect and Hyper Scape in-game chat systems to communicate with users they have accepted as their Ubisoft friends. This prevents them from receiving messages from unknown users.

Ubisoft Avatar protection
Young player accounts cannot add new photos as their Ubisoft Avatar. They will have access to a specially curated selection of Ubisoft Avatars for young players to choose from.

Privacy and data protection
The personal data of a young player account is never used for marketing purposes.

As a result:

•  No personalised emails about Ubisoft news, community content and special offers will be sent to young players.
•  No personalised communications about Ubisoft news, community content and special offers through Ubisoft Connect, Ubisoft apps and sites will be displayed to young players.
•  No young player's information will be shared with Ubisoft external partners.
Please note that these privacy and data protection parameters only apply to young players on Ubisoft Connect. If you have young players on console, we suggest to make yourself familiar with parental controls for Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

The email reports are:

Monthly activity report
A monthly email is sent to the parent's or legal guardian's Ubisoft account email address with information on the young player’s play time in Hyper Scape over the past month.

They will also receive an overview of other users that were added as friends to the young player account.

Purchase notifications
An email is sent instantly to the parent or legal guardian whenever the young player account makes a purchase in the Ubisoft Store or the Hyper Scape in-game store.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.

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