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Guild gameplay

Guild Buildings
1) Guild Shrine
1. The Guild Shrine is a guild's core building. Once built, you can create territory of a certain size.
2. The Guild Shrine cannot be relocated, you can only demolish and reconstruct it. Reconstructing the Guild Shrine requires 200k Guild Points.
3. After demolishing the Guild Shrine, guild banners will lose effect but will not disappear, it will take effect again after reconstructing the Guild Shrine.
4. Regardless of whether defending Guild Shrine, reinforcing guild banners, or assisting guildmates in defence, each player can only garrison one troop at each building.
2) Guild Banner
1. Building guild banners gives you guild territory. However, once established, guild territories must border a guild's existing territory.
2. If guild banners are built in a single line and one of them in the middle is burnt, the territory associated with the subsequent banners will become inactive.

Guild Management
1) Joining a guild
1. At the top left corner of the main interface, tap the portrait - Settings - Search User to search for a lord to add as friend, or search for a guild to join.
2. If the guild is full, you can try contacting the guild leader.
2) Leaving a guild
1. Your Guild Points will not be cleared after you leave a guild.
2. There is no cooldown time for switching guilds. However, if your application to join a guild is rejected, you will have to wait 10 minutes before applying to join the same guild again.
3. At the bottom of the main interface, tap Guild - More to find the option to leave a guild. For the guild leader, it will be the option to disband a guild instead, so you will have to transfer the guild leadership to someone else if you want to leave.
3) Transferring Guild Leadership
1. If the guild leader is offline for more than 3 days, a R4 member can spend Dragon Coins to take over their position.
2. If the guild leader is offline for more than 5 days, a R4 or R3 member can spend Dragon Coins to take over their position.
3. If the guild leader is offline for more than 7 days, a R4, R3, or R2 member can spend Dragon Coins to take over their position.
4) Guild Support
At the bottom of the main interface, tap Guild - Members, then tap on the portrait of the member - Guild Management to send resource or troop assistance.
5) Other Guilds Info
At the bottom of the main interface, tap Guild - More (bottom right) - Other Guilds, then tap the View button or perform guild name searches using keywords.

World Map Guild Mark Function
1. Guild members who are R4 or above can mark a location on the world map (e.g. a plot of land, resource mine, guild resource point, monsters, player city, neutral building, guild building, etc).
2. Guild marks indicate the coordinates on the world map, thus it will not be affected by changes in the world map (e.g. Castle relocation).
3. Guild members can see guild marks in both the minimap and the world map.
4. Using guild marks, guild management can plan and disseminate information regarding guild operations (e.g. information to attack or defend).

Guild Technology
1. Guild technologies can be split into 3 main categories: Production, Warfare, Guild. Donating improves technology.
2. Donation Attempts: Guild members can donate Dragon Coins or Gold up to 20 times per day to increase Tech Points.
*Regarding the guild technology Fanning Flames requiring 90k Crystals to increase from Lv. 0 to Lv. 1, this is the intended setting in the game.

Guild War
1. Assisting defence after the start of a battle in Guild War will be considered invalid.
2. Hero Abilities & Talents
(1) Abilities and talents of rallying generals and deputy generals will take effect (Offensive talents will take effect on offence; Defensive talents will take effect on defence; Defence attributes will take effect during defence assistance, but will be inactive when attacking or defending Neutral Buildings such as Elemental Towers). Each team will use their own team's heroes and talents.
(2) Troop-related active or passive abilities and talents will only take effect in battle. Tapping on development-related abilities and passive talents will cause them to take effect.
(3) Hero talent abilities will not affect the Power displayed on the troops panel, but will be reflected in the battle report, where the hero talent's Power will be added directly to the hero. Being a general or deputy general does not affect the effect of a talent.
(4) Attacking monsters grants you EXP regardless of level. However, upon reaching the breakthrough level (e.g. Lv. 10, 20, 30, etc.), a hero is unable to gain EXP and level up until they perform a breakthrough.
(5) The current maximum level for a hero is 60. The Lv. 50 breakthrough is the final breakthrough currently.
(6) When assisting defence, hero abilities or talents that buff buildings, such as Defence Towers and City Walls, will not take effect.

Guild Resources
1) Guild Super Mine
1. Gathering at Guild Mines increases individual resources as well as guild resources. Guild resource gathered is 1% of individual resource gathered.
2. Building Super Mines costs Guild Points. Building assistance provided by guildmates can reduce construction times.
3. The higher your gathering speed, the greater the output from gathering points. Troops will not encounter enemy attacks.
4. The Guild Super Mine lasts for up to 72 hours after construction. If the guild does not have any more gathering quantity, it can be demolished by the guild leader.
*At the bottom of the main interface, tap Guild - Guild Super Mine - "?" icon at the top left corner to view more details.
2) Guild Resource Points
1. Guild resource points produce a continuous supply of guild resources.
2. The more resource points a guild can occupy, the greater the territory benefits.
3. Guild resource points provide a certain proportion of territory benefits for all members of a guild.
4. Members' territory benefits can be stored for a maximum of 24 hours.
*At the bottom of the main interface, tap Guild - Territory - Claim button to claim.
3) Guild Warehouse
1. Guild Warehouses store the various resources that a growing guild needs.
2. Guild building construction, technology research and other activities all consume guild resources.
3. Guild resource points located within territory boundaries can provide the guild with an endless supply of various resources.
4. By gathering resources within the guild territory, guilds will also acquire a certain proportion of guild resources.
4) Guild Gifts
Kill Gift: After creating/joining a guild, when a guild member defeats a Chaos Tower or completes an expedition, all members can claim this gift.
Purchase Gift: When a guild member buys a Value Pack or Daily Discount Pack, all members can claim this gift.
1. Guild members can purchase guild gifts by purchasing packs, or they can be earned from rallied attacks on the Chaos Tower and clearing exploration levels.
2. Members who claim guild gifts will earn treasure keys and Blessing EXP. Once you have collected enough keys, you will be able to open the treasure trove.
3. Rich rewards await guilds that can open the treasure trove, and when Blessing EXP meets the upgrade requirement, their treasure trove level will increase.
4. The higher the treasure trove's level, the higher the value of the items it contains.
*At the bottom of the main interface, tap Guild, then tap on a gift - "?" icon at the top right corner to view more details.
5) Guild Mine
After the server opens and the map is created, Guild Mines in the wilderness will refresh randomly and exist permanently.

Guild Shop
1) Guild Aid
1. When a guild member issues a request for aid, another member can tap the button to help them speed up.
2. You can request guild aid when upgrading a building, or when your wounded are recovering.
3. The maximum number of times aid can be given and the duration depends on a guild's technology.
*On the main interface, there is an Aid button above the Embassy. Tap it to send aid quickly.
2) Guild Honour
1. Belongs to each individual. You will receive Guild Honour from technology donation, guild aid, and helping in the construction of guild buildings.
2. You can use Guild Honour to purchase items from the Guild Shop.
3. Your Guild Honour will not be cleared if you change guilds.
3) Guild Points
Belongs to the guild. You can earn points belonging to this guild through technology donation, guild aid, and helping in the construction of guild buildings.

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