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Where can i find the Brothers in Arms 1.02 update

Please click on the link below:

http://patches.ubi.com/brothers_in_arms_earned_in_blood/brothers_in_arms_earned_in_blood_retail_1.02_us_uk.exe 2.25Mb

Earned in Blood
October 19th, 2005
Version 1.02

Thank you for your purchase of Brothers in Arms, Earned in BloodTM. This Readme file contains the most recent information and updates regarding Brothers in Arms, Earned in BloodTM, for PC.

2. Performance Options

• Projected – Highest level of detail, higher performance impact
• Blob – Medium level of detail, average performance impact
• Off – No Shadows, no negative impact on performance

• True – Highest Quality reflections on water, higher performance impact
• Cube – Normal Quality reflections on water, normal performance impact\

Decals Limit
• High – Decals used for maximum effect, higher performance impact
• Medium – Normal decal usage, normal performance impact
• Low – Low usage of decals, minimal performance impact

Grass Detail
• On – Normal foliage detail with some performance impact
• Off – No foliage detail with no negative impact on performance

Soft Lighting
• On – Soft lighting with some performance impact
• Off – No soft lighting with no negative impact on performance

Texture Detail
• High – High resolution textures with a significant performance impact
• Low – Low resolution textures with a normal performance impact
(Note: Many of the textures for Brother’s in Arms® have high resolutions but come at a significant memory and performance cost. Select Low if your system is near the min spec and have most of the other options on high settings.)

• Safe Mode – This option is provided for those having sound problems with other sound modes. If your sound problems are resolved by switching to Safe Mode, then chances are you need to update or reinstall your sound card driver, or address another general system issue.
• 3D Audio – This is the most basic audio in Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, and uses your CPU to process the sound. It’s actually quite acceptable, and does provide good 3D audio. If you have a sound card or decent onboard audio, you can use that instead to provide better quality audio. Software 3D audio will provide better frame rate performance than H/W 3D audio + EAX.
• H/W 3D Audio – If you have a sound card, this option will make use of your sound card’s hardware capabilities to extend the audio experience. It sounds better than Software 3D, and should help to increase your FPS slightly due to the processing taking place on the sound card rather than the host CPU.
• H/W 3D Audio + EAX – If you have a sound card capable of running Creative Lab’s EAX 2.0-5.0 (Environmental Audio), such as the SoundBlaster Audigy series, then you can enable this option. EAX adds special effects to the sound and gives you advantages such as being able to determine with greater accuracy where people are (true positional), and being underwater or behind walls will sound more realistic (occlusion culling). Note that you may also have to update your sound card’s drivers to get correct 3D audio with EAX on Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood.
• System Driver – This option determines whether Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood uses the game’s tested OpenAL sound driver, or an OpenAL driver specific to your sound card. If this setting is ticked, the game will use the default Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood driver (which the game was tested against). If you check in your \Windows\System32\directory and find an OPENAL32.DLL file, then unticking this option will use your sound card-specific driver. This may or may not resolve any audio problems you are having. If you are still having issues, try downloading the latest OpenAL binaries from http://www.openal.org.
• Reverse Stereo – Reverses the left and right audio channels. Leave unticked unless you really want your left speaker to put out sounds coming from your character’s right and vice versa. It will have no effect on performance.
• Streaming – If enabled, all non-twitch sounds and large ambient / music files will be streamed from RAM rather than loaded completely in RAM when a level loads. Check this if you have 256MB or less RAM to improve your game’s performance. There is some CPU overhead in streaming sounds, so people with 512MB or more RAM will probably want to turn this option off.

3. Play It On Ubi.com™

Play it on Ubi.com™
Play Brothers in Arms® Earned in BloodTM online! Ubi.com is an Internet gaming community where you can create a permanent gamer identity, set up a friends lists with other players, see when they're online, and invite them to play.

Connecting to Ubi.com
Before you can use ubi.com, you need to connect your computer to the Internet and sign up for the ubi.com service. You can find more information about the ubi.com service at www.ubi.com.

After reading and accepting the User Agreement, enter your ubi.com account name and password. Click the Save Password option if you want the game to remember your password. Validate the Auto-Login option to automatically log in to the game using this ubi.com account. Use the New Profile and Account Management options to create a new account or to change your current account settings.

Note: You may encounter some trouble connecting to ubi.com if you're using a firewall on your computer. Here are the ports you'll have to open to play on ubi.com:
[TCP] 40000-43000 included
[UDP] 44000 inbound-outbound
[UDP] 45000 inbound-outbound
[UDP] 45001 inbound-outbound
[UDP] 7777 inbound-outbound

4. Multiplayer Hints

• Press and hold the Switch Team/Fall-In key (by default bound to SHIFT) to call in reinforcements if you have lost all of your squad mates. Every fire team that enters the battlefield uses one reinforcement. If your teammate leaves the battle before it is over, you will receive his unused reinforcements.
• Use the situational awareness view to help track enemy movements, but remember that the multiplayer game doesn’t pause when you are in SA view. Your teammate and his fire team are always visible to you - use this to coordinate your attacks.
• When you are killed, you can cycle through candidates to Field Promote a surviving soldier to the new squad leader.
• The yellow arrows on the compass indicate destination objectives. The orange arrows on the compass indicate item objectives. The grey arrows on the compass indicate possible item objectives that haven't been discovered yet.
• Watch the Mission Timer in the upper left hand corner – it will start flashing when there is only one minute left to complete your objectives.
• If your fire team becomes suppressed, issue a fire command to rally them out of it.
• Signs designate team insertion areas. You can not enter an enemy team's insertion area.

5. Technical Support

Before contacting Ubisoft’s Technical Support Department, please first read through the manual and the README file (on the game CD). Also browse through our FAQ listings or search our support database at our website, http://support.ubi.com. Here you will find the most recently updated information since the game’s release.
Also please make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements, as our support representatives will be unable to assist customers whose computers do not meet these criteria.

Whenever you contact the Technical Support Department, please include the following information or have it available if you are calling:
• Complete product title (including version number).
• Exact error message reported (if applicable) and a brief description of the problem you’re encountering.
• Processor speed and manufacturer.
• Amount of RAM.
• Operating system.
• Video card that you are using and amount of RAM it has.
• Maker and speed of your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
• Type of sound card you are using.

Contact Us by webmail: Due to high volumes of spam, viruses, and other non-support-related contacts, we no longer offer support via standard email. However, we do provide something better, webmail. By taking your questions directly through our website, we have completely eliminated all spam contacts. As a result, we are able to respond to your questions much more quickly than we could through standard email. To send us a webmail simply log into our site at http://support.ubi.com. From this site, you will be able to enter the Ubisoft Solution Center, where you can browse through our lists of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), search our database of known problems and solutions, and send in a request for personal assistance from a Technical Support representative by using the Ask a Question feature on the Frequently Asked Questions page. Most webmail contacts are responded to within two business days.

Return Policy: Please do not send any game returns directly to Ubisoft before contacting Technical Support. It is our policy that game returns must be dealt with by the retailer or online site where you purchased the product. If you have a damaged or scratched CD, please visit the FAQ listing for your game and get the latest replacement policy and pricing. We will not accept unsolicited returns/exchanges without prior approval and an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number from a support representative

Addendum 1 – Version 1.02 updates

- Enabled Time Remaining in Skirmish Timed Assault matches to be visible to spectators.
- Fixed a problem preventing the proper number of decals from appearing.
- Fixed an issue where ambient sounds would stop playing prematurely.
- Fixed an issue in MP with rain sounds interfering with other client sounds.
- Fixed an issue with mouse control after a crash in full screen mode.
- Fixed issues with movement physics in deeper water.
- Fixed MP clients properly seeing the weapon name pickup messages.
- Fixed a MP issue with field promotion and switching weapons.
- Fixed a crash that occurred while saving scores after Skirmish matches.

© 2005 Gearbox Software, LLC.All Rights Reserved. Published and distributed by Ubisoft Entertainment under license from Gearbox Software, LLC. Brothers in Arms® Earned in BloodTM and Brothers in Arms® Road to Hill 30TM are trademarks of Gearbox Software and used under license. Ubisoft, Ubi.com, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries. Gearbox Software and the Gearbox logo are registered trademarks of Gearbox Software, LLC.

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