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I'm getting an error message with EasyAntiCheat. How can I fix that?


Most issues occurring with EasyAntiCheat can be solved by making sure that Uplay is up to date and by VERIFYING THE STATUS OF THE INSTALLATION OF THE GAME.

If those two conditions are met and you are still getting an error message, the following information should help you get past it.

If the error message occurs when you install the game, please check the INSTALLATION ISSUE ARTICLE on the EasyAntiCheat help website. The errors documented are:

- Copying service executable failed (32)
- AddGameRegistryEntry failed
- CreateService failed (5)
- GrantAllUsersAccessToService failed
If the error message occurs when you launch Uplay, the LAUNCHER ERRORS article may help you find a solution. The errors documented are:

- Could not load EasyAntiCheat library
- CreateService / StartService / WriteFile failed
- Debugger has been detected. Please unload it and try again
- DNS resolve to EasyAnticheat network failed
- EasyAntiCheat cannot run if Driver Signature Enforcement has been disabled
- EasyAntiCheat cannot run if Kernel Debugging is enabled
- EasyAntiCheat cannot run if Kernel Patch Protection has been disabled
- EasyAntiCheat cannot run under Windows Safe Mode
- Error validating EasyAntiCheat code signing certificate
- Please close (tool name) before starting the game
- WaitForSingleObject failed

If you get an error message while running the game, it can be one of two types:

Game Integrity Violations are as follows:
- Unknown file version
- Missing required file
- Unknown game file
- Unknown system file
- Forbidden module loaded / Forbidden tool detected
- Corrupted memory
- Anti-Cheat Error
- Corrupted packet flow
- Forbidden system configuration

Possible multiplayer error messages:
- Host or peer validation failed
- Kicked: EAC Disconnected

In all these cases, following the corresponding link will allow you to find more information about the issue and provide you with troubleshoot steps that should allow you to get past it. 

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