Missing content from For Honor's Deluxe or Gold Edition

If you purchased either the Gold Edition of Deluxe Edition of For Honor and seem to be missing some of the additional items that should come with these editions, please try the following steps: 

1. If you bought a physical edition, please double check that you redeemed all of the keys in your game box. 

2. Double check if the items are available to you in-game. Here is some information to help you do that: 
To find out what content your edition should include, visit this FAQ.
To get more details about the content of your ULC, have a look at this FAQ
To check the contents of the Season Pass, go to this FAQ.
For information on where to find the items in-game, consult this article

If the items you should have received with your edition of For Honor are not available in-game, please contact us with the following information: 

- What edition did you purchase?
- From which retailer or digital store did you purchase your edition?
- What content exactly is missing? 

Please attach a copy or an image of your purchase receipt to your ticket as well as screenshots illustrating which items are missing. 

If you are missing items from the Deluxe Pack, please use this link to contact us
If you are missing items from the Season Pass, please use this link to contact us

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