Enabling HD textures in Far Cry New Dawn

You can enable HD textures in Far Cry New Dawn by installing the free HD Textures pack.

To install the pack:

•  Select the Far Cry New Dawn tile in your Ubisoft Connect library.
•  In the Owned DLC section, locate the Far Cry New Dawn - HD Texture Pack.
•  Select Install
Far Cry New Dawn game summary page showing owned DLC, highlighting the install button

Once you have installed the pack, you need to enable the textures in-game:

•  Open the main menu.
•  Select Options > Video > Quality.
•  Locate HD Textures and set them to On

Video options menu in Far Cry New Dawn

Enabling HD textures will impact how much VRAM (video random access memory) is needed to run the game with the selected settings.

You can monitor VRAM usage with the bar at the bottom of the Video menu.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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