Becoming a Mentor in Growtopia

You can invite your friends and earn rewards in-game! In fact, the Mentor, Apprentice or Recruit are all eligible to get rewards!

Simply get your friends to join you in Growtopia, be their Mentor and convert them into a Growtopian!

How can I become a Mentor? 
You need to reach level 20 to become a Mentor.

Please note that as of April 2020 we have removed the need for a Mentorship Certificate. 

How can I invite a Growtopian to be my Apprentice? 
There are two ways someone can become your Apprentice! 
• You can wrench any Growtopian who is between levels 1-3 and select “Add Apprentice” to send a request for them to join your mentorship program.
Note that Growtopians above level 3 cannot be added as an Apprentice. 

• You can promote a Recruit to Apprentice without the level 1-3 restrictions. 

How can I invite new players to Growtopia and make them my Recruits? 
Open the Social Portal, click on "Show Apprentices", open "My Recruits" and then "Add Recruits".

Alternatively, you can click on "Show Friends" and then on "Refer a Friend".

Copy the link and share it on the social media platform or chat of your choice to invite your friends! After they have installed the game and completed the tutorial, you will be able to find them in "My Recruits". 

Invitation flow

How can I recruit someone on PC or Mac? 
This feature is currently only available on Android and iOS. 

How can I promote a Recruit to an Apprentice? 
You can promote a Recruit to Apprentice on the dedicated screen.

Open the Social Portal, click on "Show Apprentices" and then on "My Recruits". 

How many Apprentices can I add or promote? 
As a Mentor, you can only add or promote three Apprentices per day (three from promoting Recruits, or one from in-game and two from promoting Recruits).

You can have a total of and a maximum of 50 active Apprentices and 100 active Recruits at a time. There is no cap on how many active Apprentices you can have. 

Beyond that, the additional Apprentices and Recruits will be added to your overall count, but you will not be able to interact with them. 

Can I create multiple accounts myself and add them as Recruits or Apprentices? 
If we find that you are abusing the game systems, you will get your rewards removed and your account might be permanently suspended from the game. 

Why is it so very hard to reach the number of apprentices required for Milestone #10 and #11? 
The Mentorship Program is designed to provide long term goals and rewards.

While you can reach some Milestones very early, Milestone #10 and #11 are unique high value rewards that only some passionate Mentors will be able to achieve. 

How do I get Mentor tickets? 
You will receive Mentor tickets when your Apprentices consume their Apprentice tickets upon reaching the following level requirements: 
• Level 1 
• Level 5 
• Level 10 
• Level 20 
• Level 30 

What rewards do I get for being a Mentor? 
Go to the Social Portal and then "Show Apprentices". Click on the "Milestone Rewards" button to see a list of all rewards.

Additionally if you successfully recruit a new player, you and the Recruit will get 100 gems immediately!  

How can I claim rewards? 
You can claim milestone rewards by helping Apprentices reach level 20 and above.

The more Apprentices you have, the more milestone rewards you can claim. Simply click on the “Claim” button and the rewards will automatically go to your inventory. 

Can I transfer rewards? 
Some rewards can be traded, some cannot be transferred to other accounts. 

Will I be able to remove Apprentices? 
Yes. As a Mentor, you can remove active Apprentices from the mentorship program.

An Apprentice can also leave the mentorship program if they choose to.

Open the Social Portal, click on "Show Apprentices" and select the "Remove Apprentice" button. Once your Apprentices reach level 30, you will not be able to remove them and they can only be archived. 

How can I archive an Apprentice? 
You can archive an Apprentice when they reach level 30 or above.

Archiving Apprentices removes the Apprentice from your “Active Apprentices List”. Open the Social Portal, go to "Show Apprentices" and click on the "Archive Apprentice" button. 

I already have 50 Apprentices but I want to mentor more players. How do I do this? 
You can archive an Apprentice when they reach level 30 or above.

Archiving Apprentices removes the Apprentice from your “Active Apprentices List” and allows you to add more. 

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions! 

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