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Cards can be of several types:**Spells: You know spells. You cast and it does things to your enemies and friends.*Characters: You play the card on the battlefield and it turns into a character.*Characters can represent several classes, such as Fighters, Assassins, Tanks and Ranged troops. They behave differently on the battlefield.*Fighter: Your general all-purpose melee character. Armed with a sword, a stick or a pair of fists, they deal damage to enemies in close combat.*Assassin: Small, fast and deadly. Their attacks deal a lot of damage, but Assassins are very fragile and can easily be killed.*Tank: Doesn't do much damage, but they have a lot of health and are hard to kill.*Ranged: Shoot their enemies from a distance, but can easily be eliminated in close combat.

Where to get cards?
There are several ways to get new cards:**Free packs:*You get one pack of cards for free every four hours, which you can claim your Free Pack from Cartman's Shop. Cartman can store up to two Free Packs at a time. After two unclaimed Free Packs are in his shop, you won't be getting the next one. Keep checking back and claim those Free Packs.*PvP packs:*You get PVP Packs for victories in PVP Multiplayer. Need more cards or coins? Jump into PVP, win some battles and earn yourself a pack!*Loot lockers:*Each time you beat a Campaign stage or defeat an opponent in PVP Multiplayer, you get to open three of the ten Loot Lockers. Somewhere inside these lockers are super sweet Special Rewards!*Cartman's shop:*Buy some cards for coins in Cartman's shop. Remember that stock is limited, but Cartman always manages to get it replenished each 24 hours.*Butter's shop:*Butters also has his own shop, except, being a Don King Butters, he sells his merchandize for PVP Tickets. Just like Cartman, he replenishes his stock each 24 hours.*Premium packs:*Last but not least, you can choose to buy yourself one the Premium Card packs for Cold Hard Cash.

All players are equal, but not all cards are. Some cards are easier to get and some not. In "Phone Destroyer", each card has one of the four rarities.**Common: The meat and potatoes of any deck. Common cards will get the job done, but don't expect them to be the show-stopper of your deck.**Rare: Potent and purposeful, Rare cards are a must for a competitive deck.**Epic: The cards that can really make a difference in combat, a few Epic characters can really change the tides of any battle.**Legendary: Holy Hankey are these cards awesome! The ultimate collectibles, make your friends jealous when you find one of these amazing gems.

Each card in the game represents one of the four themes:**Adventure: Cowboys, Indians, Ninjas, and Pirates - all the classics! Adventure is all about simpler cards and…simpler times. With a focus on dealing direct damage, you will find lots of heavy damage dealing units and explosive spell cards!*Sci-Fi: Robots and Aliens - a matchup from the future! A Sci-Fi deck excels in battlefield control and using tricky powers to manipulate your opponents. Expect to see lots of freezing, mind control, and speedup powers in this collection. *Mystical: In this theme the old religions face off against the new. You'll find many powerful healing and energy boosting powers in this collection.*Fantasy: We had a LOT of left over assets lying around from The Stick of Truth, so of course we had to include them as their own theme! The Fantasy theme is all about boosting the characters already in play. Increasing health and attack, granting invincibility, and a bevy of other cool enhancements can be found here.*Neutral: Not everyone in South Park felt like playing dress-up, so they all got stuck in the boring Neutral collection. The good news? You can include them in ANY deck. The Neutral collection contains a strong base set of cards off of which any player can fine tune their deck toward the strategy they prefer.

Deck building
When you build a deck, you can only use cards from two themes at a time, and add as many "neutral" cards as you wish. Once you try to add a third theme to your deck, the game will prompt you to remove cards representing one of the already included themes.

Special powers
Most characters have Special Powers. Special powers come in four flavors:*Warcry: Geranimo! These powers happen as soon as you play a character that has a Warcry ability. Maybe it's running to an enemy and hitting them hard! Or throwing something at an enemy. Or poisoning some enemies. Or maybe boosting your characters. In any case, to use this type of Special Power, just play the character and it will do the rest.*Aura: Some characters are so cool, they do things just by being on the battlefield! Like healing Allies. Or reducing the attack of nearby enemies. To use these Special Powers, again, just play them, and they will do their thing to surrounding units as long as they are alive.*Deathwish: Some characters do stuff when they die. For example, a character might leave a grenade that does a huge explosion. Or its vengeful spirit can get revenge on an enemy that just killed it. Lots of fun. To use these Special Powers, all you need to do is let your Deathwish characters die and reap the benefits! Sorry Kenny!*Charged: These are the most special of all the Special Powers, you can actually control them! Quite a few characters charge up their power, and when it's ready - tap the bubble that appears above the character and it will do its thing.

​How to improve your cards
There are two ways.**Upgrade. You can increase a card's stats by upgrading it. All you need to do is collect the necessary items shown on the card's upgrade info sheet, spend a few Cartman Coins, and BOOM - upgrade complete. The number of upgrades per card is strictly limited according to the regulations of the Canadian Bureau of Mobile Games. But when no more upgrades are available, fear not. Because there is also level up.*Level up. When cards cannot be upgraded anymore, they can be leveled up. Leveling up a card does a great deal of improvement to the card stats at the same time (Health and Attack, and maybe something else!). More importantly, it increases the amount of upgrades the card can have. Leveling up a card couldn't be easier: Just collect enough copies of the card, drop a few Cartman coins, and SHAZAM - card leveled up. All cards start at level 1 and can be upgraded a whopping six times.

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