Connection error codes for Anno 1800

There are different reasons why you might encounter a connectivity error while playing Anno 1800.

The error codes consist of 4 digits and letters and can start with LR, EC or CF.

As these errors are connectivity related, we would like you to try the following steps should you encounter one.

In the main menu and in-game you have a little connectivity widget. Hovering over the connectivity widget will show a tooltip with additional connectivity information.
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To make sure that you have the best possible connection to the Anno 1800 matchmaking and the Ubisoft Services, please follow the steps outlined in our article about connectivity troubleshooting.

You can also have a look on official Anno 1800 forum to see if there is an official announcement for ongoing maintenances, server degradations or outages.

Should there be no issues with the game servers and you still encounter error messages after performing the steps in our connectivity self-help article, please open a support ticket and attach the following:
- A  screenshot of the error code
Msinfo and DxDiag system reports 
Ubisoft Connect launcher logs.

With the information we will be able to investigate the issue further.
If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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