Information about Units expiration

What are Units?
Units are “loyalty points” that can only be used in the Ubisoft Connect.

You can earn Units each time you level up in Ubisoft Connect, and they can be exchanged for in-game Rewards or discounts in the Ubisoft Store.

You can check the balance of your account at any time on the Ubisoft Connect website.

Can I use my Units in all Ubisoft games?
There is only one account for all your Units, meaning you can redeem them in any game.

How do Units appear in my account?
As soon as you've acquired Units in a game, they are automatically added to your account when connected.

If you're looking at your balance on, you might have to refresh the page for them to appear.

Please note it can take a few days before your Units appear on your Ubisoft Account.

Where can I check my Units balance?
You can find your Units balance on any Ubisoft Connect interface:

•  the Ubisoft Connect mobile app,

•  the Ubisoft Connect Desktop app,

•  or directly in-game by clicking on Ubisoft Connect in the main menu. 

Where can I check my transaction history?
All transactions on your Ubisoft Account are shown on

You will find all your transactions in the Ubisoft Connect Transaction History tab.

Can I give my Units to someone else?
Units are linked to your Ubisoft Account and are not transferable.

What are the rules linked to the expiration of Units?
Starting April 1, 2019, Units will expire 24 months after they were acquired through your gaming experience or by making eligible purchases on the Ubisoft Store. This applies to Units acquired before April 1, 2019 - meaning, for example, that if you acquired some Units in June 2017, they will expire in June 2019.

After 24 months, these Units will automatically disappear from your Ubisoft Account.

Please note that each time you redeem Units, the oldest Units will be redeemed first

When does this expiration rule go into effect?
The expiration rule goes into effect on April 1st, 2019.

On the last day of each month, any unredeemed Units that are more than 2 years old will expire.

How much time do I have to spend my Units?
Since April 1, 2019, you have 24 months to spend your Units.

How is the number of Units that expire on the last day of each month calculated?
To get the number of Units that will expire on the last day of each month, we compare how many Units you had 24 months ago with the number of Units you redeem since then.

If you have redeemed more Units than you got 24 months ago, no Units expire.

On the contrary, if you have redeemed less Units than the ones you owned 24 months ago, the difference will expire on the last day of the on-going month.

How can I check which Units will expire next month?
You can check on the Units expiration webpage how many Units would expire should you choose not to redeem them.

How can I redeem my Units?
You already have plenty of opportunities to redeem your Units, including more than 800 rewards redeemable with Units across the Ubisoft catalogue.

In addition, you can redeem 100 Units to get a 20% off promotion code toward your next purchase on the Ubisoft Store and on Ubisoft Connect for PC*.

*Please note that Ubisoft Store discount codes are not valid for in-game currency purchases and may not work in conjunction with existing offers, discounts or with other codes.

Can I retrieve the Units that have expired?
Once your Units expire, they disappear from your Ubisoft Account and cannot be retrieved.

Is the system the same for all players all over the world?
Rules differ per country. If you live in Canada, please click here

You can check which country is associated with your account by connecting to

If you believe the information tied to your account is not correct, please contact Customer Support.

Does the expiration mechanism apply to XP and level?
The expiration rules apply only for Units, Ubisoft Connect XP and Level have no such rule.

You can't lose XP over time.

Feel free to get in touch if you have additional questions!

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