Unlockable content for Far Cry New Dawn

Once you have unlocked your content, for example by redeeming a code on your platform, you should be able to find the new content in-game.

Depending on the content you unlocked, these are the items that will be added to your game:

Hurk Legacy Pack
Wrath M249
Legacy offroader
Hurkling outfits

Image of the contents of the Hurk Legacy Pack

Knight Pack
SVD Claymore
Sidecar motorbike
Image of the contents of the Knight Pack

Retro Weapons Pack
M113M shotgun
RAT4 rocket launcher

Image of the contents of the Retro Weapons Pack

Deluxe Pack
Image of the contents of the Deluxe Pack
If you would like to find out which pack comes with your edition of Far Cry New Dawn, please visit our dedicated article or the official Ubisoft Store.

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