Contents of the Year 4 Pass in Rainbow Six: Siege

The Year 4 Pass for Rainbow Six: Siege gives you access to:

+0.3% Alpha Pack boost
10% discount in the in-game shop when purchasing with Renown or R6 Credits
5% Renown boost
600 R6 Credits
Eight new Year 4 Operators across four Seasons
One piece of headgear for each new Operator
One uniform for each new Operator
R6 Lava charm
Seven day early access to each Season's new Operator
VIP status until 31 January 2020

If you purchased the Year 4 Pass before 6 March 2019 you will also receive the Volcano Signature skin.

Year 3 Pass owners will also receive 600 R6 Credits.

You will be able to unlock the new Operators using Renown once early access ends, and can play with Pass owners on any new map. 

Content from the Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 Pass will still be accessible if you choose not to purchase the Year 4 Pass. 

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