Useful information about the Ubisoft Connect desktop app

How do I activate my game?
To activate a game in the Ubisoft Connect desktop app, please see our dedicated support article

How do I change the user account?
You can change the user account at any time by going into the menu, and then choosing Log Out from the drop-down.

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Can I change the language that Ubisoft Connect displays in?
To change the language that is displayed for Ubisoft Connect:

• Open the menu.

• Navigate to Settings.

• Select the language needed from the drop down selection.
I am having problems with the download speed in the desktop app, how can I improve it?
You can find more information about this topic in our dedicated article

What ports are required for the desktop app to work?
If you want to troubleshoot the connectivity of the client, please have a look at this article

If you have questions about or if you encounter issues with Ubisoft Connect, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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