How do I Configure My Gamepad/Controls?

These are the instructions for configuring a game pad to work with Prince of Persia 3D.

1. Select Options on the main menu and then choose Controls. The screen for configuring your game pad will now open.
2. Click on a location under the Game Controller column that corresponds to a movement listed under the Command column. The word under the Game Controller column will then be replaced by a blinking cursor.
3. Press a button on the game pad to assign the Game Controller movement to the game pad.
4. Proceed by assigning each movement in a similar manner as in steps two and three.
5. Slide the scroll bar on the left for more Game Controller movements to appear. (The scroll bar looks like a blue window or couch.)

Note: Page 36 of the Prince of Persia® 3D manual indicates that the game does not support joysticks.

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