Accessibility features available in Hyper Scape

We have put together an overview of the available accessibility features in Hyper Scape.
Does this game include assist features?  Yes. 
Are there multiple difficulty levels?  No.
Does this game include QTE/button mashing features?  No.
Does this game include slow motion mechanics or the ability to set the game’s speed?  No.
Is it possible to replay tutorials or cut-scenes?  No.
Am I able to progress through text prompts at my own pace?  No.
Does this game feature vibration feedback?  Yes.
Can this game be paused at all times?  No. 
Can I perform actions while the game is paused?  No.

Is it possible to enable subtitles?  Yes. Subtitles are available for dialogue. 
Can I customise the subtitles?  Yes. There are several subtitles customisation options available in-game.
Is there an option to enable a subtitle background?  Yes. You can enable a background for subtitles and text chat.
Am I able to configure levels for effects, speech and background noises?  Yes. The game offers five volume sliders: Master, Music, Sound Effects, Dialog, Voice Chat in the options menu.
Is there a surround sound option?  No.
Are speaker names visible in subtitles?  Yes. You can turn speaker names on or off in the in-game settings.
Does this game provide closed captioning features?  No.
Does this game feature directional subtitles?  No.
Am I able to use voice chat features without pressing any buttons?  Yes. You can use the Open Mic option instead of Push to talk

Am I able to remap keys and controls for this game?  Yes. You can remap the keyboard and mouse controls on PC, and choose from various presets for controllers.
Does this game include eye-tracking features?  No.
I have a specific controller with a particular input method, can I use it?  Please visit our supported peripherals article.
Can I only use my mouse to play the game?  No.
Can I use two different input methods in combination (mouse + controller)?  No.
Is it possible to change the sensitivity for controls and buttons?  Yes. You can adjust look sensitivity and aim down sights on PC, and look sensitivity on controllers for all platforms.
Is auto-sprint available?  Yes. You can enable auto-sprint for all platforms.

Does this game include colourblind modes?  Yes. The Colourblind Mode available in-game targets Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia.
Are there any features to support vision when key elements occur?  No.
Is it possible to deactivate flickering features?  No.
Is it possible to change the in-game contrast?  No.
Am I able to change the in-game Field of View?  You can adjust your Field of View on all platforms.
Can I rearrange or resize my interface?  There are limited options for rearranging or resizing the interface.

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