For Honor for next-gen consoles

Following the release of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, you will be able to play your current-gen copy of For Honor with your next-gen console at no additional cost.

While playing on a next-gen console, you will be able to enjoy For Honor with enhanced visual features:

Improved water reflections and shadow resolution.
Improved texture filtering.
Improved distance level of detail.
4K resolution for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 users.
1080p resolution for Xbox Series S users.

Additionally, 60 FPS gameplay will be available for next-gen players with the start of Year 4 Season 4.

For Honor will be cross-generation, allowing you to connect with others playing on the same family of consoles.

Your player profile, including in-game purchases and inventory, will be automatically shared between your current and next-gen console, allowing you to continue playing your game on either console.

Please note that if you own a physical copy of For Honor you will not be able to play that version of the game on a discless console such as the Xbox Series S or the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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