Redeeming moderator rewards for Six August 2020 Major

Twitch moderators for the Six August 2020 Major streams will be given the option to redeem an in-game reward for Rainbow Six: Siege, as a thank you for their service.

Each moderator will be emailed a code, which will unlock either of the following:

• All Six August 2020 Major Event Charms.
• 2400 in-game credits.

This code can be redeemed until 14 February 2021.

To redeem your rewards:

• Locate the code sent to you via your personal email address.
• Access our redeem website.
• Enter your code exactly as written and select Submit.
• Log into your Ubisoft account.
• Pick your preferred platform from the list provided.
• Select Submit my code.

Your code will then be redeemed, and your reward delivered immediately to your account.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

Associated Platforms


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