Upgrading your skills and powers in Immortals Fenyx Rising

You can view your Skill and Godly Power trees in the Abilities tab of the main menu. 

To upgrade your Skills and Godly Powers:

•  Approach the River Styx Cistern in the Hall of the Gods.

•  Select the Use button.
•  Highlight the Skills or Godly Powers menu.
•  Press the Open button.
•  Find the Skill or Godly Power you want to upgrade.
•  Highlight the upgrade slot you want to unlock.
When you hover over a slot, you will be able to see what upgrade you can unlock.
•  Hold down the Acquire button to unlock the upgrade with your Coins of Charon.

You will not be able to unlock the upgrade if you do not have enough Coins of Charon.

To upgrade Ku's Skills or Godly Powers while playing the Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC, use Jade Coins on the Nine Skies Urn in The Peace Forge

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