Upgrading Rainbow Six: Siege from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5

In order to upgrade your Legacy PlayStation 4 copy to the PlayStation 5 you will need to download the free* Rainbow Six: Siege PS5 Upgrade Edition of the game from the PlayStation Store.

This copy will only be available for you to download if you own one of the supported PlayStation 4 editions of the game.

This download will allow you to access the upgraded edition of Rainbow Six: Siege, including all additional content you received with your PlayStation 4 version of the game.

The following PlayStation 4 copies of Rainbow Six: Siege are supported for this upgrade process:

Year 1 Gold
Year 2 Gold
Year 2 Complete
Year 3 Gold
Year 3 Complete
Year 4 Gold
Year 4 Deluxe
Year 4 Ultimate
Year 5 Gold

Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions!

*Please note that the free upgrade process for Rainbow Six: Siege is not available for PlayStation 5 in Japan. Players in Japan can upgrade to the digital PlayStation 5 version of Rainbow Six: Siege for 100¥.

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