I Cannot Reinstall Myst V


I tried to reinstall Myst V and it says I already have a version installed. I deleted all the files and directories and ran Registry cleaner to remove any registry links but it still says I have a version installed and that I need to remove it first. What is it finding that I need to remove? I cannot uninstall or install now.


In some rare cases, users may find that they cannot uninstall the game using Uninstall Myst V from the Start menu, Add/Remove programs or from the game’s Autorun menu. Please try any of these methods first.

When that happens, to uninstall the game, you need to manually delete the Cyan Worlds folder from your system. It should be located in your C:\Program Files\Ubisoft folder. Once that is done, you must also delete the vpd.properties file located in your Windows folder. *Please note* that the vpd.properties file may be in use by another program installed on your PC. Before deleting this file, you may want to edit it with Notepad to see if there are any other programs mentioned in the file. If Myst V is the only program using this file, it is safe to delete. If there is mention of another program in this file, just remove the lines pertaining to Myst V.

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