Why Are There Only Three Respawns In Multiplayer?


Why are the respawns limited to three in multiplayer?


In a Player Match, each multiplayer game type offers different respawn options.

Depending on which game type is selected, the host has the following respawn options when creating a multiplayer game:

Attack and Defend: 0-3 respawns
Team Deathmatch: 0-3 or UNLIMITED respawns
Deathmatch: 0-3 or UNLIMITED respawns

If you are on a server with a limited amount of respawns and would like to be able to have unlimited respawns, try joining another room that allows unlimited respawns or hosting a room yourself.

Ranked Matches (Xbox 360) have a set number of respawns allowed.

Total Conquest: Unlimited respawns
Deathmatch: 1 respawn
Team Deathmatch: 1
Team Leader: Unlimited respawns
Attack and Defend: 2 respawns

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