Unlocking Ubisoft Club Rewards on the website


How can I unlock Club Rewards on the Ubisoft Club website?


If you are unable to unlock the Reward from the platform you are playing on, you can easily get these Rewards from the Ubisoft Club website.
- First, if you are playing on console, make sure that your Ubisoft account and the console profile you are playing on are linked
- Go to the Ubisoft Club website and login using your Ubisoft Account credentials (if prompted to).
- Once logged in, click on Games in the top select the tile for the game you are interested in.
- Make sure that the correct platform is selected in the drop-down next to the title of the game.
- Click on the Rewards button under the title of the game.
- Scroll down to browse the available Rewards and click on the Get this Reward button on any Reward to unlock it.
- Once unlocked, you should see a confirmation that the Reward has been unlocked and instructions on how to access the Reward.

Should you have any questions about unlocking Club Rewards, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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