Cheating & banning in Ghost Recon: Wildlands Ghost War


Where can I find more information about cheating and banning in Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War?


Here are a number frequently asked questions about cheating and banning:

Is there Anti-Cheat?
Yes. Ghost Recon Wildlands includes an anti-cheat solution and we have at heart to ensure the best experience for all players by encouraging fair usage of the game.
Where can I find the Code of Conduct of the game?
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Code of Conduct is available on the official website.

The Code of Conduct is supplemental to Ubisoft Terms of use. Please refer to such terms for additional conduct rules.
Impact of a ban in Ghost Recon Wildlands
Whenever a ban is applied, the player will no longer have access to the multiplayer experience offered by the game. Solo gameplay will still be accessible but both Coop and PVP modes will be blocked until ban lift.
Can a player be banned on the first offense?
Yes, players cheating or trying to benefit from an unfair advantage towards other players will be banned on first offense.
We have at heart to ensure the best experience for all players, especially during online sessions to respect the integrity of the game.
What is deemed as a cheat?
We consider all modifications or software allowing you to benefit from an unfair advantage towards other players unacceptable and subject to banning.
This includes but is not limited to:
 - Cheats or Hacking
 - Aimbots and triggerbots
 - Attempts to modify Client, saves or EasyAntiCheat software.
 - Trainers
 - Data Mining
 - Stream manipulation
 - Rage quitting
 - AFK farming

How can I appeal against a ban?
You can request an appeal by contacting our Customer Support. Our agents will carefully review your case and notify you of their decision. Depending on the result of this analysis, the sanction will be either lifted or maintained.
How do you detect cheating? What is EasyAntiCheat?
In Ghost Recon Wildlands, we setup a variety of solutions to detect cheats or unauthorised modifications of the game, EasyAntiCheat being the primary one.
This non-intrusive solution operates in real time to block the usage of third party software or changes that could provide an unfair advantage to the player.
EasyAntiCheat will be installed along with Ghost Recon Wildlands game and will not share any personal nor commercial information.
How can I be sure not to be banned?
In order to be sure not to be impacted by a ban while playing Ghost Recon Wildlands or any other game, we highly recommend you to play only on trusted machines. Use caution when installing any 3rd party software that could have an impact on the game or the EasyAntiCheat client.
What is a temporary ban?
In certain occasions, not only for cheating, you may receive a temporary ban preventing you to access online features of the game for a period up to 15 days. If another offense is identified, the ban may become permanent.
How do I report a suspected cheater?
To report a player for cheating, or any other behaviour that may affect other player’s experience, please use the report feature available directly in the game lobby.

The reporting system works for all platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 system, and Xbox One. Go on the player’s in-game profile, and report them. Be careful though, because in order to prevent abusive reports, you can report a user only once for one reason. Please note that you can easily find the player you want to report by checking your Recently Played With list in game.
Other banning or warning reasons
All behaviours that could harm the intended player experience are subject to banning or sanctions, this includes but is not limited to: rage quitting, AFK farming, threats, harassment, advertising, scamming, etc.
We strongly believe in providing a fair and welcoming environment to everyone.
In some cases, a warning will be first delivered but multiple offenses may conduct to a ban or a permanent account suspension.
For more information, please refer to the Code of Conduct as well as the Ubisoft Terms of Use.

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