Playing in Ranked mode


How to I play Steep in Ranked mode?


Show your ultimate skills on the leaderboard with Ranked mode.

In Ranked mode, you will be given a limited number of tricks do get the highest score you can. The number of tricks is different for each challenge. Some challenges have no trick limits:

•  Wingsuit challenges.
•  Paragliding challenges.
•  Rocket wingsuit challenges.
•  Speed riding challenges.
•  Snowboard/ski races.

To activate Ranked mode:

•  Open the World Map.
•  Find your next challenge icon.
•  Press the Ranked button to active Ranked mode.
Left stick on controllers.
R on keyboard.
•  Press the Ranked button again to turn off Ranked mode, when needed. 
Ranked mode will also be deactivated when you close the game.

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