Contents of the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Year 2 pass


What is included in the Year 2 Pass?


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The Year 2 Pass will grant one-week early, direct access to all six Year 2 Classes of the Ghost War PVP Mode*. 

*The 6 extra classes will be released periodically over the course of Year 2.

The pass also includes:

Eight Battle Crates (four Spec Ops and four Ghost War Crates), The Splinter Cell Equipment Pack and the Operator Equipment Pack.

The Splinter Cell Equipment Pack includes:  

 - The SC-4000 Assault Rifle
 - The Five-Seven Blacklist weapon skin
 - The Karambit Knife granting players a new, exclusive CQC move thanks to the Echelon Gloves from Blacklist
 - The Splinter Cell Costume, also including the Karambit Knife CQC move.
 - Two new Night Vision Goggles with their own night vision filter, with a flip-down animation
 - 3 new weapon camos 

The Operator Equipment Pack includes:

 - The JPC vest
 - U100
 - Military Shirt

If you wish to equip the Karambit Knife CQC, the Echelon Gloves or Splinter Cell Costume must be equipped. 

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