Parents' Guide to Growtopia


What should I know about Growtopia before my child starts playing?


As of 30 April 2020, all purchases in the in-game store are no longer available on the console version of Growtopia and the service for Growtopia on consoles will be discontinued on 30 July 2020. Please read our announcement on the official Growtopia forums for more information.

Growtopia is an Open World 2D MMO (Massively-Multiplayer Online) Sandbox Game where everyone is a hero! 

It’s multiverse of unlimited worlds with astonishing opportunities to have fun, build stuff and meet new friends.

There are no limits for fun – just countless worlds where you create literally anything – castles, dungeons, skyscrapers, artwork, and puzzles - even your favorite movie scenes! 

But with great possibilities comes great responsibility.

The Internet has become an integral part of our and our children's lives. A world has opened up which offers many positive opportunities.

However, it’s crucial to stay alert knowing how to be safe online. It is therefore important for parents to know how their children use the Internet, talk to them regarding the risk of going online and teach them how to use the Internet safely and responsibly.  
What is the age rating of Growtopia?
Our game is rated as follows:

ESRB 10+
USK 6+

Can someone steal my child's items/account? How can I prevent it?
Your child’s items are safe as long as they follow the rules of The Growtopian Code, use in-game trade features and never drop an item to prevent scam attempts.

It is also important for the players to stay alert outside the game and avoid accessing suspicious websites or sharing their personal information, as this may result in personal account data leak and loss of in-game progress.

Ubisoft will never ask for any credentials - if a website or any entity asks for the account password, it is fraudulent.

Is my child's personal information safe in Growtopia?
As long as players ensure their account is secure and follow The Growtopian Code, their information is safe.

In order to enhance account safety, we recommend that everyone creates a GrowID* in game and enables Advanced Account Protection.

How can I protect my child online and in Growtopia?
Below are some Online Safety guidelines adapted to our game, which you should share with your children for their own online and real-life safety:
Never share any personal information, such as:
home address
phone number
school name
current location
daily routine
personal social network accounts
personal pictures or videos
• Use a fictional in-game name and never share any of your passwords with anyone.
Never agree to meet in real life with anyone you met online without previous parent approval and/or supervision of that meeting.
Never respond to a threatening email, text message or text – and if such situation occurs, immediately inform your parents if they are unaware about the situation for the best course of action.
Always tell a parent or other trusted adult about any communication or conversation that you felt was scary or hurtful.
We also have some basic guidelines regarding Parental Supervision:

• Keep the usage of the electronic devices in common areas. This way you will be able to watch and monitor the usage.
We also strongly advise not leaving young children unsupervised at their online activities.
• Keep your credit card in a safe place and keep track of the statements/bills for any unfamiliar changes.
• Stay alert to your child’s online behaviour. 

Can I block in-app purchases?
Yes, you can block the in-app purchases (IAP) directly from the game.

To do that go to Options > Personal Settings > Disable In-App Purchase options.

On PC, we recommend withholding from saving PayPal credentials to prevent further purchases from being made.

Does playing Growtopia cost money?
Growtopia is a Free to Play (F2P) game and can be downloaded and played for free on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One and mobile.

However, Growtopia does offer a number of IAPs that help players progress or provide a nice cosmetic touch.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!

*GrowID feature is only available on PC and mobile

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