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What are the cosplay guidelines for this event?


Ubisoft Pty Ltd (Ubisoft) is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for everyone to enjoy the Ubisoft Experience. For you and everyone else to be safe while enjoying the Ubisoft Experience, we need your help to provide a safe environment.

Failure to comply with the Cosplay Guidelines Accessories Policy may result in you being refused entry to the Ubisoft Experience and/or you being required to leave the Ubisoft Experience.

Your entering this Ubisoft Experience constitutes your acceptance of all the terms and conditions listed below only upon which entry is granted
1. Entry to the Ubisoft Experience is at your own risk. While attending you must ensure your safety and that you do not place others at risk.

2. Ubisoft Staff and Security reserves the right to refuse admission and to remove persons from the venue for any reason including behaviour likely to cause damage, nuisance or annoyance, or failure to comply with the reasonable requests of Ubisoft or its representatives staffing the Ubisoft Experience.

3. No glass to be brought into the venue any found will be confiscated.

4. Fireworks, sparklers and similar articles are not permitted on site and any person in possession of such articles may be refused entry or ejected.

5. No Weapons of any type are permitted on site and any person in possession of such articles may be refused entry or ejected. For more information see the Cosplay Accessories/Props Policy section below.

6. Ubisoft and its security personnel may conduct security and/or bag searches to ensure the safety of persons at the Ubisoft Experience.

7. Illegal substances are strictly prohibited at the Ubisoft Experience.

8. No unauthorised filming/cameras/sound recording - any breach will lead to confiscation of equipment.

9. Ubisoft may record the Ubisoft Experience. Your attendance at the Ubisoft Experience constitutes your approval for inclusion within the filming and audio recording and your approval permission for Ubisoft to make full use of the recordings and the footage taken without any recourse to you.

10. Ubisoft, its employees and agents are not responsible for any loss, injury or damage, howsoever caused, to you except where any such loss, injury or damage is caused by the negligence of Ubisoft, its employees or agents.

11. In the interests of public safety, Ubisoft and its agents reserves the right to request you to leave the venue at any time for safety reasons or immediately after the Ubisoft Experience. No admission or re-admission after the end of the Ubisoft Experience.

12. No banners/poles or similar obstructive objects are to be brought into the venue.

13. No animals will be permitted at the Ubisoft Experience, except accredited assistance animals.

14. No unauthorised trading is permitted at the Ubisoft Experience.

15. In case of emergency: Please follow all directives of security personnel and staff.

Warning: Please note that you will be exposed to loud music and flashing lights at the Ubisoft Experience.

Language warning: Occasional Coarse Language that may offend may be used. Do not enter the Ubisoft Experience if likely to be offended.
Cosplay Costume and Dress Guidelines
- The Ubisoft Experience is available to anyone aged 13 years or older. Nudity is strictly prohibited. Costumes that expose breasts, buttocks or groin, are strictly prohibited. You may either be asked to cover up, change out of the costume or asked to leave the Ubisoft Experience.

- Masks, Helmets, Make Up and Facial Coverings must be easy to remove. For security reasons you may be asked to temporarily or permanently remove an accessory that covers your face. By attending the Ubisoft Experience, you are agreeing to abide by any request temporarily or permanently remove an accessory that covers your face if asked by Staff or Security to do so.

- Heavy or excessively large props can be dangerous, particularly in crowded places. Kindly keep in mind the weight and size of your accessories and costumes, to ensure they do not cause damage or injure you or other attendees at the Ubisoft Experience.
Cosplay Props/Accessories Policy

If you choose to cosplay a character that carries a weapon you must take into account the following important matters.

Each State and Territory in Australia has different legislation regarding weapons in place, including licensing, storage and restrictions.

Under many of these different laws, replica weapons can be restricted just as much as actual weapons.

Ubisoft by holding the Ubisoft Experience is not inviting you to carry any weapon as part of characters costume or accessories. You must ensure that if you choose to have an accessory that looks like or resembles a weapon, you are not breaking the law by doing so.

As the Ubisoft Experience is in Sydney, New South Wales, you must comply with the NSW legislation. Please see the NSW Police Imitation Firearms Fact Sheet.

Outside of the Ubisoft Experience, you are responsible for your own compliance with state and federal laws, including NSW Legislation for replica weapons such as holding, if required, a Firearms Permit under the Firearms Act 1966 (NSW).

1. General
- No explosives or chemicals, such as fireworks, mace or pepper spray, or tasers are permitted at Ubisoft Experience.
- No instruments that cause excessive noise, such as vuvuzelas, airhorns or grenade whistles are permitted at Ubisoft Experience.
- Helium balloons are not permitted at Ubisoft Experience.
- Absolutely no concealed weapons are permitted at Ubisoft Experience.

At the Ubisoft Experience, any Cosplay prop or accessory that resembles a real weapon (imitation) must be checked at the Weapons Check Desk upon entry. The accessory will need to be checked and tagged by Ubisoft Experience Staff, indicating that the accessory complies with Ubisoft Experience standards.

It is important to recognize that any accessory that falls under this category cannot be displayed in public outside of the Ubisoft Experience. Please check the NSW Legislation for Imitation Firearms Permit for further details
2. Firearms and Projectile Accessory Weapons
- Live firearms including airsoft, either functioning or de-commissioned are not permitted at Ubisoft Experience.
- Replica firearms made from metal or solid resin/plastic/rubber are not permitted at Ubisoft Experience.
- All firearm costume props and weapons must be inoperable and are required to have an orange safety tip in place, at all times.
- Any bow-type weapons must be unstrung or strung with a low tensile thread.
- All accessory arrows must have soft, blunted tips. These must be made from foam or cardboard only.
- Actual or Decommissioned Firearms, BB or Airsoft Firearms, Sports Weapons, Metal Replicas, Cap Guns, Ammunition, or Collectors Pieces are not permitted at the Ubisoft Experience.
3. Other Props or Accessory Weapons
- Accessories imitating weapons made of metal, fiberglass and/or glass are strictly prohibited at Ubisoft Experience. This includes but is not limited to axes, swords, daggers, knives, hatches, chains and baseball bats. Use substitute materials such as foam, plastic or timber.
- Any accessory imitating a weapon that consists of a laser/laser pointer with an accessible emission limit greater than 1mW are not permitted.
- Any Accessory imitating a weapon exceeding 1.5 metres in length is not permitted.
- Metal Armour and/or Metal Shields are allowed at the Ubisoft Experience, if they are deburred and safe for a public space.

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