Accessing additional content and rewards in Assassin's Creed Revelations

Additional content can be found in different places in Assassin's Creed Revelations.

Altair Robe, Armour of Brutus and Turkish Armour outfits
Available at the start of Sequence 2.

• Access the in-game Pause Menu and select Inventory.
• Select Outfits.
Your outfits will be unlocked here.

Vlad the Impaler single player mission
Available at Sequence 3, Memory 10.
• Access the in game map by pressing Select and locate the Hidden Tomb.
• Once inside the hidden tomb, you will locate and interact with a book that will unlock a second hidden tomb.
• Locate and run to the second hidden tomb to access the mission.

Ammo capacity upgrade
The upgrade raises your bullet quantity from 10 to 12, and is available at the start of Sequence 2.

• Access the in-game pause menu and select Inventory.
• Select Supplies.
• Select Bullets.

The Lost Archive content
Available from the main menu screen.

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