Unlockable contents of the Amiibo figures for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Once you activated your amiibo figure, you should be able to find the new content in-game. 

For the Mario amiibo, these are the items that are added to your game:
User-added image

- Flame Job (Mario)
User-added image

Bone Shaker (Rabbid Mario)

For the Yoshi amiibo:
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Torpedo (Yoshi)
User-added image

Mega Bite (Rabbid Yoshi)

For the Peach amiibo
User-added image

Block Blaster (Peach)
User-added image

Barrel Blaster (Rabbid Peach)

For the Luigi amiibo
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Phosphorus (Luigi)
User-added image

Burning Question (Rabbid Luigi)

Should you be unsure where to find the items you unlocked in-game, please check out this article.

Finally, if you would like more information about sharing content on Nintendo Switch, feel free to visit this article.

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