Reporting players or worlds in Growtopia

Our Growtopia community is known for being as supportive as it is creative - but we know that not everyone likes playing by the rules.

To report a player for inappropriate behaviour, wrench them to report them, or contact us directly.

Inappropriate conduct can include:

• Offensive language
• Spamming in chat
• Bullying players
• Advertising phishing websites

To report a world, type /report in the world chat and click Report.

Inappropriate worlds can include:

• Casinos Worlds
• Drop-, Dice- or Trust games
• Mini-games with fake prizes
• Offensive content 
Please note that we are not able to follow-up on successful scams. To avoid losing items, keep your account secure and do not agree to trades with untrusted players.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions.

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