Gameplay Questions for Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

What is Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians?
Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians is a fast-paced Role Playing Game (RPG) for mobile phones and tablets, set in the well-established medieval fantasy world of Might & Magic.

What can I do in the game?
Become an apprentice at Akadimia by creating your own Wizard Hero and embark on a journey across the realms of Ashan, encountering and collecting unique elemental Creatures, summoning them to fight in action-packed battles. Train and Evolve your Creatures to assemble the ultimate team of champions.

What are the different types of in-game currency?
There are 5 different types of in-game currency: 
Crystals: The main currency of the game, required for most things. The best way to obtain Crystals is to fight in Dungeons.
Seals: The rarest currency of the game, needed to summon powerful Creatures! You can find Seals inside Dungeons.
Reputation Points: You obtain them from doing Arena battles, and spend them in the Reputation shop tab in the main shop.
Energy: You use Energy each time you enter a Dungeon. While it refills over time, you can also obtain more inside Dungeons or visiting the Shop!
Arena Energy: You use Arena Energy each time you do an Arena battle. While it refills over time, you can also obtain it occasionally from Chests.

What can I purchase with Crystals?
Crystals are necessary for almost everything! You can use them to purchase Chests, to obtain additional items or to upgrade your Glyphs, for example.

Where can I get Crystals?
Crystals are obtained by harvesting from the Crystal Mine, which generates them over time. Additionally, you can sometimes win Crystals playing the Daily Lottery, or by completing Daily Missions and fighting in Dungeons.

What can I do with Seals?
You can use Seals to purchase Soulstones, which are used to summon mighty creatures!

How do I get Seals?
Seals are generated in the Dragon Utopia, so return regularly to collect new ones. Seals are also often found inside Dungeons and can be earned with the Daily Lottery, or by completing Daily Missions.

What is Energy used for?
Energy is necessary to engage in battle. You must use Energy each time you want to enter a fight. The amount of Energy required depends on the type of Dungeon selected.

Where can I get more Energy?
Energy refills over time, but you can also obtain more inside Dungeons or visiting the Shop.

What are Instant Tickets for? Where can I get them?
You can use Instant Tickets to skip a Dungeon battle and directly claim the reward, but only if you have already completed this Dungeon before. You first need to complete all the levels within the region. You can get Instant Tickets from Chests, Daily Missions, Dungeons or the Shop.

What are the Daily Missions?
A set of challenges that you can achieve every day. Complete them on a daily basis to earn more Crystals, Seals, XP, Energy or Instant Tickets!

Where can I get Chests?
Chests are earned by playing the Lottery or can be bought for Crystals from the Summoning Altar. Additionally, you get one free Chest from the Altar every 8 hours!

What is the Daily Lottery?
You can try your luck by playing the Lottery to win Crystals, Seals, Chests and many other rewards. The Lottery is free once a day. You can also spend a small fee in Seals to make additional attempts.

What are Magic Books for? Where can I find them?
Magic Books are special items you can use to upgrade the Skill of a creature or to Evolve one. They can be found inside Chests, in the Dragonmist Islands and through Achievements too.

How do I customize my Hero?
From the main Akadimia menu, tap on your Hero’s portrait located in the top left corner, or access the Akadimia building itself to reach the Hero customization screen. From here, you can change your Hero’s name using the pencil button, and tweak many of his/her physical attributes to your liking. Upon reaching level 5, you’ll also be able to pick your Magical House, and customize your Hero powers accordingly, choosing from a wide range of upgrades and abilities.

What are the Missions?
Each Mission is a specific challenge. Complete them to earn awesome rewards!

What is the Inbox for?
The Inbox is a centralized section for all in-game communications. Get the full details about ongoing and upcoming Events, Community news and links to the game’s social feeds, customer support pages and forums, on top of being able to collect Gifts and rewards sent by your friends!

What can I purchase in the Shop?
In the Shop you can purchase various quantities of Crystals, Energy and Instant Tickets by using Seals. Additionally, you can buy Seals, Special Loot Packs, Energy and Instant Tickets for real money.

What does the Summoning Altar do?
In the Summoning Altar, you can summon new Creatures to join your squad by redeeming Soulstones or Fragments. You get a free Soulstone to use every day, and additional ones can be purchased with Seals. Fragments of Soulstones can be obtained from many places such as Dungeons, Daily Missions, Achievements and the Lottery. The Summoning Altar also gives you a free Small Chest every 8 hours. More Chests can be purchased using Crystals.

What does the Dragon Utopia do?
The Dragon Utopia generates Seals over time. Come back regularly to collect newly created Seals. 

What does the Crystal Mine do?
The Crystal Mine generates Crystals over time. You should harvest your Crystals regularly!

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