Midnight Circuit

What is Midnight Circuit?    

The seedy underbelly of the Frontier, the Midnight Circuit is a weekly competitive playground where you are given one track and one bike to play, with the objective of making the best possible time on that track.

How does it work?    

The Midnight Circuit takes place on the same track for everyone. Any given week presents a global challenge and this challenge is the same for all involved. The Midnight Circuit is completely unaffected by the ownership of the track or bike presented, being playable by any Rider, regardless of the fact that they may have never seen the track before nor possess it.

What number of retries do I get?    

You're allowed to retry thrice against each ghost. Once you enter the race, you may only retry thrice, before which you will be charged for racing the same ghost again. Quitting the race will count as a loss and the timer will activate.

What are the reward types?    

Your rank in the Midnight Circuit will earn you a trophy. Different brackets are defined for these trophies, as follows:
Note that you will only receive one trophy, the best possible one based on your rank
The Top 1% will receive a Mythic Trophy (5 items with an incredible chance of unique rewards like outfits, tracks and bike skins),
The Top 10% will receive a Carbon Trophy (5 items with a high chance of unique rewards),
The Top 25% will receive a Stainless Trophy (4 items with decent chance of rare rewards),
The Top 50% will receive an Iron Trophy (3 items with a low chance of rare value),
and all others will receive a Rusty Trophy (3 items of basic value).

How do I claim my rewards?    

When the week ends, you can smash these trophies by tapping them in the reward screen. The higher your rank, the better your trophy and the better your trophy, the cooler stuff you will find inside of it.

What bikes will I get to play on?    

The Midnight Circuit, on certain weeks, will allow you to use an upgraded bike version you own, and on other weeks, it will only allow the use of a specified bike that is normalized across all participants. In all cases, all participants will use the same model of bike.

What if I don't possess the bike?    

If you do not possess the bike that has been selected for a given week, they are given a loan version to participate for that week. This bike will not go to the player's garage and will only be usable for the Midnight Circuit for that week. The loan version of the bike has pre-defined upgrades attached to it for the most consistent experience possible across all levels of players.


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