Game not appearing in Ubisoft Connect PC

If your game doesn't appear, there might be different things you can do to correct the situation.

Make sure that you are connected on the right account 
It's possible that your game is linked to another Ubisoft Account. This can occur if you have created  - or logged in to - a secondary account by mistake. If you know of any other account that you own, try to log into this account to check if the game is there.

If you are unable to remember the details of this other account, please contact us and we will do our very best to assist. For better and faster assistance, attaching any relevant details (picture of the activation key of the game, another email address, old username) to your case will help our support team to investigate. 

Make sure that your game is not hidden in the Ubisoft Connect PC library
One of the possible reasons for games not appearing in or disappearing from the games library in Ubisoft Connect PC is the Hide game setting.

Please double check if your game is among the hidden games. Simply scroll to the bottom of your games library and expand the Hidden section.

Emptying your cache folder for Ubisoft Connect PC
For a complete step-by-step guide to achieve this action, please consult this article

If you still cannot find your game, do not hesitate to contact us

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