KTM Rally Challenge

What is the KTM Rally Challenge?    

The KTM Rally Challenge is divided into 4 Legs. Each leg lasts one week and at the end of that week is a Stopover where you redeem your rewards.Every Rally Challenge participant rides the KTM 450 Rally, regardless of their in-game progress.

Are there Separate Leaderboards for the event?     

Yes, Each leg consists of 10 tracks with their own leaderboards and one cumulative Leaderboard rank. 

What are my rewards based on?    

Your rank determines your rewards so ride hard!\nRewards accumulate and you receive a reward for your rank as well as all ranks below yours.

Do I get to ride the KTM 450 Rally bike during the event?    

Yes, Everyone gets to ride the KTM 450 Rally Bike. The bike will be upgraded equally for everyone.  

What do I do when I'm facing connection issues to Ubisoft (Uplay) Account?    

While logging in, please use your old id and password and the same option you’ve always used – either Ubisoft (Uplay) account or Facebook. If you switch between these two options, you may lose your game prog.

New users could use one of the two options to create a new account - Ubisoft (Uplay) account or Facebook. Please remember, once you’ve created a new account, you must always use choose the same option to log in to avoid data loss.

What do I do if I am unable to log in the Bunker?    

To use the game’s online features properly, do not let the game run in the background. Close the game (kill background app) and relaunch the game. You may have to log in again

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