Using VPN with Ubisoft Games

The straight forward answer first: Ubisoft strongly recommends that players avoid the use of VPN services. Players who decide to use VPN do so at their own discretion while being aware of the potential risks associated. 

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Because we don't take this question lightly, we would like to give you more information than a simple yes or no. 

Let's start with a quick explanation of what a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is. Simply put, a VPN is a private network on the internet, creating a tunnel from an entry point (your device, for example your PC) to an exit point (the VPN server), bypassing the usual local routing.

VPN is commonly used to improve data security. However, VPN services are also becoming more popular in the world of gaming. While the use of a VPN service is not strictly forbidden, we advise that you consider the following possible disadvantages of VPN use: 
- Cost: A reliable VPN service usually is not free.
- Risk: While it provides confidentiality to your data while travelling from one point to another, your data might still be visible to the VPN provider.

In some cases, players reported that they are able to connect to our game services only via VPN. This may seem like a strong argument for the use of VPN. However, the fact that the connection works only by bypassing the local network settings is a strong indication that the local network settings are misconfigured or that network devices are not working as intended.

Players should be able to fix the connectivity issues with the right troubleshooting (for example port forwarding and checking for double NAT situations, especially if you are using a communal connection, for example a student dorm). This would eliminate the need for a VPN to fix connectivity altogether. 

If you have trouble connecting to our game services even after completing the recommended troubleshooting, please feel free to contact us! We'll be happy to help. 

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