In-game Features

What is the Adventure mode?
The Adventure mode is a series of Castles that are divided in Several Acts. Get as far as possible and win all the Crowns to get extra rewards!

The Castle I want to enter is locked, why?
You need to complete the previous Castle to unlock it. If you are playing in Hard or Extreme mode, make sure that you have already completed this Castle on the previous difficulty mode.

Are you going to release more castles?
Yes, new castles and acts will be a part of future updates.

What are the Auto-Win tickets?
An Auto-Win Ticket d will allow you to instantly complete any Castle you have previously completed using one Auto-Win Ticket and the necessary Energy. You will receive the same magnificent rewards that you would have if you completed the dungeon normally.

What are Trials?

The Trials tab features 2 types of Castles: (1) Daily Castles: Promote Stone Castles and Gold Castles (2) Trial Castles: dungeon challenges that change every day. Challenge yourself and reap the rewards that come with it!!

What is the Arena?
The Arena is a 1v1v1v1 death match: you’ll compete with 3 other players to get as many kills as possible. Each kill in the Arena will grant you 1 point. Players will automatically respawn after a kill. When time is up, the player that got the most kills wins the game. There is a specific purple energy for the PVP Arena.

Which Rewards can I get in the Arena?

After a match, you'll get Arena Chest Keys + Victory points. Arena Chest Keys will allow you to open the Arena Chest (better than the Epic Chest!). Victory Points will allow you to get to the next tier (Bronze III < Bronze II etc.) After ranking up to the next tier, you'll get better rewards each time you win a game in the Arena.

What are Events?
Events allow you to get extra rewards by performing specific actions in the game. Climb up the leaderboard to get even more loot!

What are Achievements?
Achievements are long-term goals for you to work towards in Mighty Quest that provide you with cool rewards. They range from easily obtainable to very difficult. 

What are Daily Missions?
Daily Missions are daily challenges to complete that provide glorious loot and experience!

Who is my pet?
Your default pet is a little demon Thomas, the Salty Imp (because he is very salty). Too busy fighting monsters in Castles? Don't worry, your pet will collect the gold and loot for you.

Where can I find more Pets?
You can change your pet in the HERO menu! Use Gems or perform specific actions in the game to unlock new pets!

How do I change my profile picture?
Profile pictures are called Portraits. Different options are available. Tap your portrait on the top left corner of your game to change it.

How do I share my equipment in the Chat?
You can share your full equipment in the chat to show off! From the chat: tap the orange icon with a white arrow on the top right of the chat window. From the character menu: tap the orange icon with a white arrow on the left of the menu.

Why can't I build my own Castle?
Mighty Quest on mobile is very different game to its PC predecessor so that it can be the mightiest and most epic game possible for mobile. While features from its PC predecessor aren't included or planned for the moment, they may still arrive in a future update as Mighty Quest is continuously evolving! 

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