Using Drones in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

There are a variety of drones for you to discover while playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint. 

Enemy drones, controlled by the Wolves, will hunt you across the map, while you can use surveillance, healing and attack drones to gain the upper hand.

Throughout the game you can unlock the following drones:
•  Standard surveillance drones
You can use these to mark enemies or points of interest, as well as set beacons on your map.
Unlock them by visiting the Infirmary during your first visit to Erewhon.
•  Syncshot Drones
Use these drones to mark and eliminate up to 3 enemies simultaneously, or up to 12 when playing co-op.
Unlock these by adding the Syncshot Drone skill to your Skill Tree.
•  Healing Drones
These drones will allow you to heal and revive your fallen teammates remotely.
Unlock these by adding the Field Medic perk to you Skill Tree

You can also upgrade your drones by unlocking skills from the Recon branch of your Skill Tree

Please note that the thermal and night vision skills for your drone cannot be used during PvP missions. 

While playing Ghost War PvP missions, there is also an opportunity to shoot down Delivery Drones and take their loot. 

This loot will sometimes include special single-use drones:
•  Gas Drones
Allows you to shoot a toxic gas grenade at enemies.
•  Scout Drones
Reveals any unmarked enemies in the area.

You can control your drones using this guide, or customise your buttons and keyboard mapping in the Settings Menu.
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