Choppy Frame Rate & Sluggish Controls

The issue may be due to upgrading from QuickTime version 3.0 to version 4.0. Remnants of QuickTime 3.0 can cause choppy or sluggish performance. Uninstall QuickTime and then reinstall QuickTime 4.0 from the Prince of Persia 3D CD.

1. Click on the Start button, select Programs, choose QuickTime (but not QuickTime for Windows), and then click Uninstall QuickTime. Two uninstall options will appear.
2. Click on the button that simply reads Uninstall.
3. Close out all opened windows once the uninstall is completed and then restart the computer.
4. Insert the Prince of Persia CD in your CD-ROM drive.
5. Double-click on the My Computer icon.
6. Locate and then right-click on your CD-ROM drive letter. (It will probably read as Pop 3D_1.)
7. Select Open.
8. Locate and then double-click the QuickTimeInstaller.EXE file. (It looks like a diamond-shaped box with a blue Q inside of it.)
9. Follow the prompts to reinstall QuickTime 4.0.
10. Close all windows and then restart the computer once QuickTime is reinstalled.
11. The clean QuickTime 4.0 installation should allow Prince of Persia 3D to run properly.

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