Controlling the camera in the Trackmania map editor (Simple Editor)

Now that you have opened a map, let us get familiar with the camera.
It allows you to look at your track freely and place objects in the correct distance to each other, or sometimes where a particular object just looks best.
You can control it in different ways:
Mouse controls
Click on the camera icon in the bottom left of the screen to activate camera mode. Select the camera icon again if you want to deactivate camera mode.

Alternatively, you can enable the camera mode by holding down the Alt key. When you let go of the key, the mode will be disabled.
You can move the camera by clicking and holding the left mouse button while moving the mouse. The camera position can also be changed by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen, however, this might not always work if you are running Trackmania in borderless windowed mode.
To rotate the camera click and hold the right mouse button. Moving the mouse will now alter your viewing angle and rotate the camera. 
You can zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel. Another way to zoom in and out is to press and hold the mouse wheel and then moving your mouse.
Keyboard controls
You can rotate the camera with number keys 4 and 6 on the numpad. Keys 8 and 2 can be used to adjust the viewing angle from close to the ground right up to a bird view. 
Give it a go in the Editor!
Once you are familiar with moving, rotating and zoom features, let us continue with building your first track.

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