Where can I find the v1.02 patch for Chessmaster Grand Master Edition, and what does it change?

The patch can be downloaded from the following page :


Changes made in this patch :

  • A new mini-game: Chain Reaction
    The aim of this game is to connect the movement paths of (at least) three pieces of the same kind. A number of random pieces is deployed on the board, the player has to move a piece in order to connect movement paths and/ or discover movement paths connections. If the player makes a chain by connecting pieces of the same kind, he receives points for each connected piece and the connected pieces are removed from the board. If the player moves a piece without connecting or discovering a connection, more pieces are added on the board. Bonus points are awarded when the player connects more than 3 pieces.
  • 5 new chess sets - African, Futura, Humana, Insider and MinimaSteel!
  • 1 new skin called "Metal"

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