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Remapping the Joystick Buttons

First, please make sure you have the latest official update installed for Heroes Over Europe. The game will automatically download the latest update.
Next, download the latest driver updates for your joystick or gamepad. Make sure you get these driver updates from the hardware manufacturer's website.

To remap the buttons:

Step 1.
Select Options from the main menu.
User-added image

Step 2.
Select Controls from the options menu.
User-added image

Step 3.
Make sure Flight Mode is selected and then press End on the keyboard.
User-added image

Step 4.
Under the Key 2 column, highlight the button for the action you wish to remap and then press the Home key on the keyboard.
User-added image

Step 5.
When the button action turns red, you are ready to press any button on your joystick or gamepad that you wish to remap the action to.
User-added image

Step 6.
When you're finished remapping the buttons to your joystick or gamepad, be sure you press the Enter key on the keyboard to save your changes.
User-added image

Note: the joystick/gamepad axis cannot be changed, only the buttons can be remapped. Any action used to steer the plane cannot be changed.

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