Error message for missing d3d11.dll file

If you receive an error like the one below, please read on for instructions on how to resolve the issue.Image
Example of the error given with Assassin's Creed III, the exe name given may differ.

Method 1 - Install Direct X from the Disc
To install Direct X from your retail disc, insert your disc and then explore the contents. This may differ from game to game, but generally you will find your Direct X installer under Setup\DirectX as below:


Run the DXSETUP.exe and follow the installation wizard to update your Direct X files.

Method 2 - Install Direct X from the web
As an alternative to installing Direct X from the game DVD, you can also update Direct X directly from the Internet. To do this browse to the Microsoft website.

Download the small web-installer and launch the file. Now follow the install wizard to complete the installation.


Once complete this will should resolve the issue and allow you to play your game.

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